How to Use a Dab Rig Step-By-Step Guide

A dab rig is a specialized type of water pipe that allows you to enjoy your favorite concentrates. They are designed to vaporize and inhale dense oils and waxes via water vapor.

Unlike bongs, they do not have a bowl slide. Instead, they have a nail heated with a blowtorch or an electronic nail (e-nail). The nail is then placed on the dabber tool for use.

Heat the Nail

The best dab rigs are also called oil rigs or wax rigs, and they’re a particular type of water pipe designed to help you enjoy your favorite concentrates. They’re a bit smaller than a regular bong, and they come with a banger nail (usually made of quartz, ceramic, or titanium) and a carb cap that you can use to take hits from the rig.

Once your rig is set up, it’s time to add the nail and start taking hits. You must grab a torch and heat the nail until it becomes red-hot.

If you have an electric nail (often called an E-nail), it eliminates the need for a torch by heating up automatically to your ideal temperature. However, many dabbers prefer the classic torch and nail setup. This is because the nails can be heated to higher temperatures with a torch, which gives you thicker vapor and more flavor.

Fill the Rig

Dabbing is becoming a popular way for people to consume cannabis, and a dab rig is a piece of equipment that is designed specifically for use with waxes and other concentrates. While a dab rig may seem intimidating to someone new to the hobby, it is pretty simple.

You will need a dabber tool (preferably made from stainless steel), a dab nail, and a butane torch to use a dab rig. You will also want to ensure that your rig is clean and has plenty of water.

A dabber tool is a tool that is used for handling and applying waxes or oils to a dab nail, and it comes in a variety of styles. You can find them in stores and online, and they usually come with a silicone grip to ensure safe use. They are most helpful in applying sticky waxes but can be used to scrape out dry herb vape heating chambers and bong bowls.


A dab rig is a specialized water pipe designed to inhale dense cannabis concentrates via water vapor. The rig includes a nail and a mouthpiece, with the nail generally made of titanium, quartz, or ceramic.

A torch is also necessary to heat the nails and dabs. It would help if you aimed the flame at the nail until it glows red, usually after 10 seconds for titanium and 45 seconds for quartz.

Once the nail is hot, apply your dabber tool to the wax, then inhale the vapor through the mouthpiece. It’s important to inhale slowly and carefully to avoid burning your lungs.

Some rigs also include a carb cap, which helps regulate airflow and maintain the temperature of the nail. They can also improve the flavor and potency of dabs. You can even use an e-nail, which skips the heating step and is automatically heated to your preferred temperature by the battery. This makes for a quick and easy experience.


A Dab Rig is a specialized water pipe designed for smoking concentrates. While they look different from bongs, using one is similar.

First, preheat the nail (typically made of quartz) with your torch lighter for 45 seconds. This will heat the banger and burn off any carbon or reclaimed oil.

Once the banger is hot, use your dabber tool to apply a dab to the nail. As you inhale, rotate the dab tool on the nail to cover as much surface area as possible without wasting wax.

After you’ve inhaled your dab, replace the carb cap on the banger and allow it to cool down. This will help to regulate airflow and keep the temperature of the vapor down. Cleaning your rig between uses is also a good idea to remove any leftover residue. Just be sure to use isopropyl alcohol when cleaning your rig.