Essential Bridal Hair and Makeup Tips For Your Wedding Day

Even if you’re not usually a makeup wearer, it’s important to have waterproof mascara, lip stain, powder, and blotting papers for touch-ups throughout the day. You don’t want to have to frantically search for products and risk having smudges in your photos!

Bring a few pictures of the look you’re going for. Hairstylists and makeup artists appreciate brides with a clear vision for their desired style.

Ensure that Your Hair is Tidy and Dry

Getting ready is one of your wedding day’s most notable and memorable parts. By planning, enlisting the help of experts, and leaving time for mishaps, you can ensure that this part of your day is relaxing and runs smoothly.

If you desire the best-looking hair, don’t cut or color it too close to your wedding day. “Doing so can leave you with dry, patchy strands that don’t blend well with your hairstyle,” says Davis.

When having your hair trial, be specific about what you want and bring pictures to help your stylist better understand the finished product. It helps if you know the colors you’re thinking of, too, such as a warm pink that matches your complexion or a shimmery white that won’t clash with your dress.

Make Sure Your Makeup Is Clean and Dry

if you are applying your hair and make up for wedding, or employing a specialist to complete it, ensure it is scorched before getting dressed. Eyeshadow tends to fall off, and lipstick can smudge on clothes and skin, so you want the all-day wearability of your makeup.

For a longer-lasting appearance, a decent primer will aid in sealing your foundation, concealer, and other products. Many options are available, so experiment with several to find one that works for your skin type and needs.

And be sure to use a setting spray, which helps makeup last all day and prevents it from melting or fading in photos. This hydrating mist also helps to control shine and smooth fine lines.

Make Sure Your Skin Is Hydrated

You can wear cosmetics or not, but if you do, make sure you are familiar with the basics before your wedding. Skin, brows, and lashes are the foundation of your whole look, so ensuring they’re flawless is essential.

Hydrated skin is critical for makeup application. It also helps concealer and foundation stay in place throughout the day. Make sure to drink plenty of water and moisturize daily before your wedding.

Avoid using new skincare products the night before your wedding, as this could irritate you. If you decide to use a new product, test it on your face a few times before the big day.

Make Sure Your Hair Is Stylized

Unless you’re blessed with naturally sleek, glossy hair, pack some products to help with your wedding day touch-ups. Hairspray, bobby pins, extra hair ties, dry shampoo, and a travel-size hairbrush are all essentials to keep in your clutch.

It’s also a good idea to have a few visual references (pictures of the hairstyle you’re dreaming of or your dress) to bring to your trial run and on the day. Your stylists love it when you have ideas and can better understand what you want them to achieve.

If you’re struggling with fine or flat hair, consider bringing along a small jeweled hairpin or soft vine that can add instant volume to your hair. Having these little hair accessories at the ready will also keep your bangs and hair off of your face, allowing you to look your absolute best in all your photos.

Make Sure Your Makeup Is Stylized

You should make sure your makeup is stylized before entering your wedding dress so it doesn’t smudge or come off. This will help you feel confident and beautiful on your wedding day.

Lastly, make sure to add a little bit of bronzer. (Not a crazy amount, though!) This will help you look less washed out in photos and give your face dimension.

If you’re having your stylists do your makeup, ask them to start at least two hours before you need to get into your wedding gown. This will help prevent any last-minute rushes and allow you to take your time and be ready to walk down the aisle. Also, have a setting spray bottle to ensure your makeup doesn’t melt off.