How to Calculate Cryptocurrency Prices?

The cryptocurrency market offers a variety of different coins, tokens, NFTs, DeFi assets, etc., available for purchase on different crypto platforms. Up-to-date live crypto prices are presented in the Coinmarketcap ranking. Besides price, in front of every asset, you can see other indicators characterising them. For example:

  • Trading volume. This indicator shows the total sum of the asset bought and sold in some particular period (usually 24 hours) evaluated in dollars.
  • Market capitalisation. The overall value of all crypto coins that have been mined. To calculate this indicator, multiply crypto price with the number of assets in circulation.

To calculate crypto coin price, the market cap must be divided into total numbers of tokens.

What Do Cryptocurrency Prices Live Depend on?

Let’s discuss some factors affecting crypto prices. Digital coin emission is not regulated by the government or banks. That is the reason why they are so unstable. So what makes crypto prices move up and down?

First, the balance of supply and demand is crucial for the crypto market. When large investors that hold most of the tokens start to sell them in masses, it creates panic in the market and decreases demand for the asset. Other market participants also begin to sell their savings, following the trend. As a result, it leads to a considerable price drop.

Another factor is external – the crypto market depends on the situation in the global economy and the processes that take place in it. We can also note the restrictions imposed on mining by local governments. For example, China banned crypto mining, which caused a massive outflow of miners from the country and led to the BTC rate drop.

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