Jawahir Khalifa: Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Birthday, Religion, Ethnicity, Nationality, Too Hot To Handle, Boyfriend, Nick, Hijab, FAQs & More

Born on August 17, 2000, Jawahir Khalifa is a 22-year-old fashion model. Also, she is of Somali descent and lives in Holland, Netherlands. She also took part in Season 12 of “Holland’s Next Top Model”. It was out in 2019 and she rose to stardom at the age of 19. Despite the fact that she was evicted in the ninth show, she is still well-known due to her inspirational demeanour.

This stunning woman made a comeback on television in 2022 with the American dating reality series “Too Hot To Handle.” We all know that the creators of THTH have been providing us with a lovely reality show since 2020, but this time they have taken things to the next level by inviting Hollywood Mario Lopez to host the programme.

The top 10 competitors competed at a Caribbean villa with a chance to win huge cash prizes, so, Lopez had a guide to all of them. We’ll help you with any queries you may have about your favourite contestants.

Get to know Jawahir Khalifa, including her age, nationality, religion, and boyfriend. Read her Wikipedia page and learn about her ethnicity and zodiac sign. Find out more about Jawahir and her relationship with Nick.

Jawahir Khalifa Bio/Wiki

Jawahir Khalifa

Occupation Model, Social Media Influencer, Reality TV Star, Media Face, Content Maker, and Businesswoman
Age 22 years old
Birthdate August 17, 2000 (Thursday)
Birthplace Somalia, East Africa
Hometown Holland, Netherlands
Residence Amsterdam, Netherlands
Zodiac Sign Leo
Net worth 1.5 million dollars approx
Qualification Graduate
Alma mater Koning Willem I College
Ethnicity Mixed
Nationality Dutch
Religion Muslim
Weight 50 kg or 110 lbs
Height 5 feet and 5 inches or 165 cm or 1.65 m
Hair colour Black
Eye colour Black
Shoe size 5 US
Piercing Ears
Plastic surgery Not known to us

Jawahir Khalifa Age, Height, Religion, Ethnicity, Nationality


So, Dutch fashion model and TV celeb Jawahir Khalifa has already made her career TV debut on December 7, 2022. Thus, it was with the start of the fourth season of the famous Netflix dating series Too Hot to Handle. Also, Jawahir Khalifa was born in Amsterdam, Netherlands, in 2000. So, Jawahir Khalifa is 22 years old as of 2022.

Since she was a baby, she has always wanted to become a model. So when she was 16 she decided to start her career by joining a modelling agency. She was also a hijabi model at the time. Hence, finding such jobs was tough because of the huge rush. Then, Jawahir came across some information regarding “Holland’s Next Top Model” auditions. So, she filled out the application, added a photo, and submitted it. Khalifa felt uneasy about her decision because thousands of other people had made the same decision. Also, she got a call from the studio for a screening or an interview. Thus, it went really well and led to the show’s director choosing her.


On Thursday, August 17, 2000, Jawahir Khalifa took birth to her parents in Somalia, in East Africa. Her family also moved to Holland, Netherlands, when she was a young girl. Also, let us tell you that Holland, Netherlands, was the place where Jawahir and her siblings grew up. Moreover, Jawahir is 22 years old, according to her age as of 2022. She also practises the Muslim religion. Also, after a thorough inquiry, we learned that Jawahir earned her degree from Koning Willem I College. She then started a job as a model.

Zodiac Sign

Leo is Jawahir Khalifa’s zodiac sign. Also, great model Jawahir lives and works out of her Holland home. In fact, Khalifa began her modelling career at the age of 16 by competing in Holland’s Next Top Model. So she has experience with reality TV. At the age of 22, she also has experience working for companies like Rainkiss and Noé. In the end, the Muslim model, 22, is one of them who loves Muslim design and also incorporates her Islamic commitments into the fashion world.


The 4th season of the Netflix series “Too Hot To Handle” came out on December 7, 2022. So, it is where Jawahir Khalifa, a Somalian model and TV personality, is most famous. Also, Khalifa’s height is most likely around 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 m).

She is also a pretty girl with a great body and a really good personality. Moreover, Jawahir Khalifa is 50 kg and 5 feet and 5 inches tall. But, she is in good health and has a really good figure. She also has pretty black eyes and gorgeous black hair.


In Somalia, East Africa, on August 17, 2000, Jawahir Khalifa took birth. Her age is 22 as of 2022. Holland, Netherlands, is where she grew up. Amsterdam, Netherlands, is where she lives now. She is of mixed race and the Leo sign is her zodiac sign. She is Dutch by nationality and is Muslim (religion). Also, she works as a model, reality TV personality, and influencer on social media.


She is a model with Dutch roots. The origin of Jawahir Khalifa’s family is in Somalia. Jawahir grew up in a Muslim family. She and her family are thus Somali citizens. Jawahir Khalifa is living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, as we have already said. In 2008, she and her parents came to the US. She arrived in the Netherlands when she was just 8 years old. In the fourth season of Too Hot To Handle, the stunning Somali woman made her TV debut.

Jawahir Khalifa Net Worth

Her main source of income is her modelling gig as Jawahir Khalifa. This great woman also makes money by being the face of products. Along with these notable works, she also worked with El Taller del Brujo, Rainkiss, Noé, and Hunkemöller. Her own wealth, we think, is around 1.5 million dollars (approx.). Many major talent agencies, like DIVISION in London, made big contracts with Khalifa.

Jawahir Khalifa and Nick Kici

The winners of season 4 have finally said that… they are no longer dating. The couple said in the post-show breakdown that they did stay together right away after the show and spent several months living together in London and travelling together to Bali. They finally did break up, and they are both now available.

Jawahir Khalifa

Nick added that Jawahir was the first significant person he had ever lived with. “Our relation helped me to work through my issues nicely and taught me patience and talking from a new way.”

Jawa added that she is “single and not ready to mingle” and that she plans to “spend my 20s simply enjoying, learning, and just having fun as a young woman” in the video.

Although the typical Instagram snooping procedure is a little challenging for Nick and Jawahir because Nick isn’t very active on the network, there were some prior hints regarding their relationship. Despite uploading a lot of pretty pictures, he doesn’t have any followers on the app. She does follow him, though, and frequently comments on and likes his posts as well as those of the other cast members.

Jawahir Khalifa Hijab

The model Jawahir Khalifa began modelling for hijabi fashion at the age of 16. Jawahir Khalifa is the first Somali model to come on Too Hot To Handle.

One of the 10 regulars battling for cash prizes and lovers in the fourth season of the Netflix reality dating series Too Hot To Handle was a 22-year-old model from Amsterdam. She should avoid making physical contact with any rivals, even another contestant.

She is a stylish girl who tried out a head scarf as part of her fashion statement. It also has to do with what the model considers to be proper and comfortable. But the model chose to stand on the platform rather than use the hijab. The model was confident and sure to be successful in the fashion industry from an early age. When she was 19 years old, she then realised her dream by participating in Season 12 of Holland’s Next Top Model.

Jawahir Khalifa Instagram

Khalifa has more than 355k followers on Instagram. It is one of the most popular social media sites. Also, her username is @jawahirkhalifa. Although it has been a while since she last released a video on her YouTube site, where she first published one on May 5, 2020. We discovered a few things about Jawa from her social media accounts, including her love of the beach and her preference for the Kenyan city of Watamu.

Jawahir Khalifa Boyfriend

She is a great fashion model who has posed for many famous companies. Jawahir worked with a lot of famous models. Her marital status is single and she was in a serious relationship. After participating in the 2022 season of “Too Hot To Handle,” she became famous. Jawahir’s name came up in connection with a few contestants during the show. But at the conclusion of the competition, she and another contestant named Nick Kiki were declared the winners. If Jawahir and Nick are dating or not is not out there.

Jawahir Khalifa School

On August 17, 2000, Jawahir Khalifa took birth to her parents in Somalia, an area of East Africa. When she was a little child, her family also moved to Holland, Netherlands. Let us tell you that Holland, Netherlands, was the place where Jawahir and her siblings grew up. Jawahir is 22 years old, according to her age (as of 2022). This lady celebrates her birthday on August 17. She also practises Islam. After doing thorough research, we learned that Jawahir went to Koning Willem I College for her schooling. She then started a modelling career.

Jawahir Khalifa Family

Jawahir took birth to Dutch parents in a middle-class, good household. She keeps her parents, siblings, and other family members private. Jawahir is her parents’ good kid. Her mother is a housewife. But her father is a businessman. This is according to the sources. Together with her siblings and cousins, she grew up in Holland. She never posted the images to her family’s social media accounts.

Jawahir Khalifa Career

Her surprise at being accepted into “Holland’s Next Top Model” came from the fact that she had filled out the form with little want. It is because she had doubts about being chosen. Also, she rose to fame on TV after the show later that year aired. She began to be famous among others. People brought her many offers for modelling jobs. She has spent the last few years touring the world for modelling works, and her career is exploding. She shoots frequently, and labels like Haute Couture Caps are among her clients, according to her interview with IWBM. The 4th episode of “Too Hot To Handle” came out on Netflix on December 7, 2022. It was when Jawa returned to the world of television. Khalifa rose to fame on a global scale as a result of Mario Lopez’s involvement in the programme.

Is Jawahir Khalifa Dating?

Model Khalifa is gorgeous. She posed for a variety of renowned businesses. Throughout her career, she has also collaborated with well-known models. This actress gained notoriety after starring in Too Hot To Handle (2022). She was linked to the names of several contenders throughout the race.

She and fellow contestant Nick Kici ultimately took home the program’s prize. It hasn’t yet been confirmed whether Nick and Khalifa are dating or not. Her modelling profession is another area of focus for her. As soon as we learn more about the state of the current partnership, we will update this page.

Jawahir Khalifa Facts

  • She entered several modelling contracts with famous talent agencies like London’s DIVISION.
  • She worked with many modelling and fashion companies.
  • Also, she won Too Hot To Handle (Season 4).
  • She likes ice cream.
  • Jawahir worked with many famous companies, including El Taller del Brujo, Hunkemoller, Rainkiss, and Hunkemoller.
  • She also works as a makeup artist.
  • When Jawahir has free time, she enjoys reading poetry.
  • She also spent a time of her young years in Kenya.
  • At the age of 8, Jawahir moved to Holland.
  • She posted her first Instagram post on January 4, 2019. Jawahir was also famous for taking part in the popular TV reality show Too Hot To Handle Season 4.

Is Jawahir Khalifa Kenyan?

An African family gave birth to Jawahir Khalifa in Somalia. When she was 8 years old, her family moved to Amsterdam, Netherlands. She spent 2016 – 2019 doing her education at ROC Midden Nederland. In 2020, she went on to finish her studies at Koning Willem I College to earn a degree in international business studies.

She also takes part in modelling photo shoots after high school. Through the TV show Holland’s Next Top Model, Khalifa started her big modelling career. She came in season 12 of 2019 and finished 9th before being eliminated. She chose one of the 10 characters from Too Hot To Handle Season 4 in 2022.

Jawahir Khalifa Modelling

She was shocked that she got into “Holland’s Next Top Model”. It was because she hadn’t taken the form seriously because she didn’t think she would go in it. After the show’s airing later that year, Jawahir rose to fame on TV. As soon as people began to know her, she got several offers to model.

Jawahir Khalifa

For the past few years, she has travelled extensively for modelling assignments, and her career is exploding. Her interview with IWBM revealed that she often shoots, and among her clients are companies like Haute Couture Caps.

With the fourth episode of “Too Hot To Handle,” which debuted on Netflix on December 7, 2022, Jawa returned to the world of television. Khalifa rose to fame on a global scale as a result of Mario Lopez’s involvement in the programme.


Is Jawahir from Kenya from Too Hot to Handle?

On season four of Too Hot to Handle, Jawahir, a 22-year-old model and actor from Amsterdam, connects with Nick Kici. Jawahir, a native of Somalia, emigrated to Holland in the Netherlands when he was just eight years old. Jawahir was a hijabi model when she was 16 years old, but she decided to pose without it.

Has someone adopted Jawahir Khalifa?

No one has adopted Jawahir Khalifa.

Jawahir from Too Hot to Handle’s age is how old?

One of the 10 candidates competing on the show for cash prizes is model Jawahir Khalifa, 22.

Are Nick and Jawahir still together?

Unfortunately, despite winning season four of Too Hot to Handle, Nick and Jawahir are no longer a couple. Jawahir claimed to be single but not yet ready to date in the “cast tell-all” posted by the official Too Hot to Handle Instagram page back in December.

Jawahir picks Nick, right?

Finally, Lana forced Jawahir to select between a romantic dinner with Nick and Shawn. Jawahir made Nick her choice after she thought about it for some time. She told him about her fear of being left out and how it caused her to push him away before he could kill her. “I know what I feel for you and that it is really the truth.

With whom does Jawahir end up?

The relationship statuses of all the participants were just revealed in a video posted by Netflix on Instagram. Since Too Hot To Handle, Jawahir has claimed that she is not prepared for another romance and is currently single.

What were Nick and Jawahir’s winnings?

In the end, Nick and Jawahir won the $89,000 (£73,000) prize following a wild season that saw several rules broken.