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Creed McKinnon is an entrepreneur and the creator of Versaware, a firm that makes smart kitchen equipment. Creed is a competitor in Season 4 of Nextflix’s reality dating TV show “Too Hot to Handle,” which began on December 7, 2022. The show revolves around ten super hot single people who live in a luxury villa. However, the show’s regulation is that the participant should not engage in any sexual behavior in order to earn a cash reward of $200,000. If they find any candidate indulging in such activities, they confiscate a portion of the prize money from them.

Fans are eager to know more about Creed’s personal and professional life. With her appealing attitude and physical characteristics, he has already captured the attention of many people. In this article, we are talking about this star. So, keep reading to know more about him.

Discover Creed McKinnon’s age, height, nationality, and net worth. Learn about the Too Hot to Handle star’s girlfriend, Cal Poly, LinkedIn, and more.

Creed McKinnon Bio/Wiki

Real Name Creed McKinnon
Nick Name Creed
Date of Birth July 23, 1998
Age 24 years old
Birth Place Australia
Height (Tall) Around 6 feet
Weight 81 kg
Body Measurement Chest: 40 inches

Waist: 32 inches

Biceps: 12 inches

Net Worth (approx) Around 1 million dollars

Creed McKinnon Birth

So, Creed McKinnon was born in Margaret River, Australia on July 23, 1998. He is currently 24 years old. His mother, Gillian McKinnon, is a businessman and traveler. The young man spent most of his childhood and completed his education in Western Australia. He was a standout athlete in his adolescence, representing his school’s soccer team. After graduating from Margaret River High School, he attended North Idaho College for two years and majored in Business Administration. But he continued to play football. After winning Student of the Year and Athlete of the Year at NIC, he enrolled at California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo.

Creed McKinnon Career

McKinnon began working at the age of 21 as a Freelance Social Media and Marketing Coordinator at Gili Life, where he worked for only a few months till January 2020. Creed began working as a Web Developer that September of that year, but this time he did it as a part-time job at his institution. Meanwhile, he began researching company concepts in order to become an entrepreneur like his mother. He began working on his company concept in September 2021 and relocated to Southfield, Michigan, USA, where he founded VersaWare Technologies. It is an early-stage business that helps people manage their food habits. Creed’s love of modeling landed him a spot on the show “Too Hot To Handle” in 2022.

Creed McKinnon

McKinnon fought against nine other players on a dating-themed game show for cash prizes. His presence on the show made him a star, and he now has a large fan base. McKinnon enjoys using social media networks. He has over 314k followers on Instagram (@creedmckinnon), where he engages with people and posts photographs of his life. Creed is also active on Twitter, where his posts are generally motivating. Following THTH, he opened his own YouTube account. Fans predict that he will start recording daily vlogs soon. So if you want to watch his vlogs then you should subscribe to his channel.

Creed McKinnon Girlfriend

When Creed McKinnon signed up for season four of “Too Hot to Handle,” he was excited to meet the female candidates. The young entrepreneur from Perth, Australia, was first drawn to Kayla Richart but quickly realized that her interests lay elsewhere. His dismay, however, was short-lived thanks to Sophie Stonehouse, a 22-year-old event manager from Brighton, England. Because of her one and only long-term engagement, the British citizen had given up on meaningful partnerships. When Sophie and Creed arrived at the retreat, they discovered that ‘Wild Love’ was a scam and that they were in fact cast members of the well-known Netflix show.

They both decided to undertake the experiment to see how they related to one another. Their bond got deeper in the first few episodes of the programme, and they even had a kiss that cost them money from the prize pool. But when two new members joined the group, their devotion to one another was tested once again. Ethan, the new male cast member, was given the option of dating one of the female candidates, and he chose Sophie. Sophie said that she and Ethan got along well and that he was the sort of man she would consider her type. Ethan requested permission to kiss after stating that he had been given the chance to do so without financial consequences. Sophie, on the other hand, refused the offer, stating that she would rather examine her connection with Creed.

Another Girlfriend

Creed Mckinnon has a girlfriend called Taleah, whom he describes as his soulmate after dating her for three years. At the same time, it’s unclear whether Taleah was his girlfriend, although the comment section praises the duo. He stated, “It was brought to my notice today that I had one of those soulmates that only the fortunate find. Taleah, you are definitely an angel among us, and it is a pleasure to be in your company.” They’ve been to a lot of locations together. On Instagram, he has also uploaded several images with women, including Savannah from Cape Town. She is a mechanical engineer at UTC. Creed might not be dating anyone right now. McKinnon has also appeared in a Netflix reality series, which only allows single models to appear.

Creed McKinnon Too Hot Too Handle

They fired Creed McKinnon from Too Hot to Handle Season 4 just before the show’s finale. But in real life he is fine. Despite learning nothing on the hit Netflix dating programme, the 24-year-old Australian athlete liked his time in Lana’s villa. Despite his lack of development, Creed is doing well after becoming a reality TV villain. Many Too Hot To Handle viewers choose Creed as the season’s antagonist. He was overjoyed when Sophie Stonehouse, his 22-year-old British girlfriend, opted to stay with him rather than leaving for a new partner. But he ditched her the next day. Flavia Laos Urbina, a 25-year-old Peruvian beauty, showed interest in dating him.

Creed McKinnon

Creed went on to become public enemy number one when he played Flavia and continued to lie to her in order to pursue newbie and fellow Australian Imogen Ewan, whom he also fell in love with. While viewers lambasted Creed, he appeared to be alright after the event. Fans were especially outraged by Creed’s portrayal of fan-favorite cast member Sophie, and he has been shamed by Too Hot To Handle season 4 viewers for it. However, he appears to be highly popular among his fellow cast members. Creed was close to Seb Melrose and looks to have made friends with the other men in the house, including Nigel Jones, Ethan Smith, and the winner, Nick Kici.

More Details

Many THTH fans are surprised because Sophie appears to be on the periphery of the group, but Creed is completely welcomed. “How does it feel to disgrace yourself on reality television?” one remark on Creed’s recent photo says. Despite the fact that many Too Hot To Handle season 4 viewers despite Creed, he managed to capture the attention of three stunning women. He is now commenting on all of their stuff, despite the fact that Sophie appears to dislike him and Flavia looks to have a new guy. Fans have noted, however, that Imogen and Creed appear to have spent out together since filming THTH last year. Many admirers, though, are still troubled by Creed’s portrayal of Sophie.

“Was my daughter Sophie sobbing over this clown?” asked one user on a snap of Creed and his close buddy Seb standing with James Pendergrass. Overall, Creed appears to have gained a lot of notoriety as a result of his antics on the blockbuster Netflix programme. At the same time, the Too Hot To Handle season 4 newbie now has 314K Instagram followers, indicating that people are interested in him even if they are upset with how he acted. Creed does not appear to be worried by the unfavorable reaction from his fans. It also doesn’t appear to have hurt his chances with Imogen.

Creed McKinnon Too Hot Too Handle Elimination

Creed McKinnon of Too Hot To Handle was chastised for being too close to two women at the same time, but fans were still startled when Lana dismissed him after the ultimatum. The last episodes of the popular Netflix series have just been published for the current season. The first set of episodes had participants arriving in the Caribbean villa and getting to know one another. Some cast members were successful in making important connections, while others looked to be resisting temptation because a large sum of $200,000 was at risk. In the hit dating show, the famed cone Lana persuaded the season’s stars to prioritize emotional connections over physical closeness, but Creed looked to be doing the reverse.

On the show, Creed was shown juggling many ladies rather than making lasting bonds. Creed’s player attitude was condemned by Too Hot To Handle fans for everything from getting to know Sophie Stonehouse to alternating between Flavia Laos and Imogen Ewan. Fans expected Creed to be a real man when he came to the resort. He eventually sought Kayla Richart, but finally settled on British beauty Sophie. Lana introduced the newcomer, Flavia, as Creed and Sophie were investigating their bond. Creed unexpectedly ended his relationship with Sophie in order to pursue a relationship with Flavia, just as another competitor, Imogen, arrived. Despite Lana’s ultimatum to pick one person, Creed clearly chose Flavia and Imogen, which resulted in his removal from Too Hot To Handle. “I can’t stop applauding the fact that Creed the lying pants got sent off of the show, Deserved,” one fan, @MaryLuchies, tweeted.

More Details

Almost every Too Hot To Handle contender developed. Jawahir Khalifa talked about her history, while James Pendergrass concentrated on his relationship. Seb Melrose let go of his wild side and focused more on his emotional link, while Nigel Jones accepted his imperfections. However, many believe Creed did not have the same kind of personal development on the show. He never took his relationship seriously from the start. Creed kept leaping on incoming comers till the finish. “Creed is perhaps the worst guy in all four seasons of Too Hot to Handle, virtually no character development whatsoever and did three stunningly lovely females nasty,” one fan, @Christos 16, tweeted.

Creed’s inability to pick between two lovely females caused him to leave the series. Viewers were happy to see Creed removed by Lana just a day before the finale, as many had grown tired of his sneaky conduct. The Australian claimed to have never had a girlfriend and may have departed Too Hot To Handle as a single participant.

Creed McKinnon Net Worth

Creed Mckinnon’s net worth is around $1 million, which he gained via her professional career as a reality personality, entrepreneur, and TikTok Star. He amassed a sizable fortune from brand endorsements, television commercials, and other business enterprises.

Creed Mckinnon started his professional career as a Social Media and Marketing Coordinator at Gili Life as a Freelancer for two months, from December 2019 to January 2020. Creed then worked for a year as a part-time Web Developer at California Polytechnic State University – San Luis Obispo, from September 2020 to August 2021. Similarly, Mckinnon has been an Advisor for The Boldest since 2021, and he has been in the role for more than a year. In addition, he has been a Co-Founder of VersaWare Technologies from September 2021.

Creed McKinnon Age

So, Creed was born in 1998 and will be 25 years old in July 2023. Creed moved to South Africa at the age of 14 after growing up in rural Australia. He resided in Indonesia for several years before moving to the United States.

Creed McKinnon TikTok

Creed’s Instagram account, @creedmckinnon, has 34,000 followers. His fans remember him best for his magazine-worthy films and his amazing sense of style. We believe you’ll grow to adore him due to his emotional messages for his self-proclaimed soulmate, Taleah. Creed and Taleah are now in the friend zone, which might explain why he isn’t quite ready to settle down, according to Creed’s account. Perhaps he’ll compose lyrical Instagram messages for a Too Hot to Handle season 4 star. To find out, follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

Creed McKinnon

Creed’s Instagram is excellent, but it’s evident that TikTok is his forte, since he has a huge 314k followers on the app. His account, @creedmckinnon, is full of entertaining videos that we can all relate to. As a result, in addition to his numerous followers, he has earned a large number of likes on his videos (7.9 million to be exact). Creed works as a co-founder of Versaware Technologies when he isn’t flexing for the camera or taking long walks on the beach. By tracking calories and calculating portion sizes, his startup hopes to make healthy eating more accessible. And with such a brilliant concept, you can guarantee he’s helped a lot of individuals on their wellness path.


Creed MacKinnon grew up in Perth, Western Australia. At the age of 14, he traveled to South Africa in hopes of a better life. So, he swiftly acclimated to his new surroundings and continued to outgrow the restrictions that were imposed on him. He eventually relocated to Indonesia, then to Los Angeles. He has developed content and marketing strategies for a number of multinational businesses. McKinnon enjoys traveling and skiing.

Creed has lived in four countries since his birth: Australia, South Africa, Indonesia, and the United States. McKinnon’s interests include music, photography, and modeling. He has almost 314k followers on his Instagram account, @creedmckinnon. On his TikTok page, @creedmckinnon, he has over 325k admirers and 12.3 million likes. Creed appears to enjoy taking standing pictures, based on his profile. His best friend is a creative director and his IG name is @taleahmeshae, according to his Instagram page. Too Hot To Handle, a Netflix show starring Jawahir Khalifa and Sophie Stonehouse, also featured Jawahir Khalifa and Sophie Stonehouse.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Creed McKinnon?

Creed McKinnon is 24 years old right now. He is originally from Perth, Australia, but is willing to travel the world in pursuit of a mate that makes his heart skip a beat.

Who is Creed in the TV show “Too Hot Too Handleā€¯?

Creed McKinnon, an Australian businessman and contestant on the Too Hot to Handle TV show. The 24-year-old entrepreneur was born in Perth but migrated to South Africa when he was 14 years old. He subsequently relocated to Indonesia, and then to Los Angeles, where he presently resides.

Are Sophie and Creed dating?

Creed was originally getting to know Sophie, a 22-year-old Londoner, but she was replaced by Flavia when she arrived at the villa. After the arrival of another bombshell, Imogen, whom Creed was also getting to know, the duo found themselves in a bit of a love triangle.

What occupation is too hot to handle for creeds?

Creed, 24, is a Perth, Australia-based entrepreneur who grew up working in a spray tan business. He says he has more female friends than male friends, which is excellent because he can’t live without ladies. He’s also a bookworm and a mama’s boy, so he can cover all bases when it comes to dating.

What happens with Creed in the Too hot to handle TV Show?

Creed has to be one of the most startling members of Season 4 of Too Hot To Handle. He initially had feelings for Kayla. But he ended up building a relationship with Sophie, just to break it off with her when Flavia arrived.

In the TV show THTH, who was his girlfriend?

On ‘Too Hot to Handle,’ Creed had relationships with three women. He first got together with Sophie Stonehouse. When Flavia Laos Urbina arrived, Creed dumped her and requested to be friends. Sophie quit the show because she was tired of looking for love. When Imogen Ewan arrived, Creed’s head turned once again.

Is Nick and Jawahir relationship still active in too hot to handle TV Show?

They eventually split up and are both now single. Nick informed Tudum that Jawahir was his first significant other, adding. “Our relationship taught me patience and communication from a different perspective, and it enabled me to confront my commitment [problems] front on.”