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Usually, hot folks make up the cast of ““Too Hot To Handle””. The word “hotness” is right there in the show’s title. So, viewers typically anticipate it. But since she acts as a model, at least one cast member of “Too Hot To Handle” Season 4 is truly hot on the job. Brittan Byrd is making waves this year on “Too Hot To Handle” on Netflix. And, she is doing it both on the runway in everyday life and in a tropical paradise.

Famous American model and Instagram sensation Brittan Byrd has earned more than enough media focus in the last few years.

And, it is due to the fact that Brittan Byrd has more than 120 000 foreign followers on Instagram. She often posts photos to her brittan byrd account. And, it appears that she has a large following. She is really one of the most sought-after Instagram stars.

She has a sizable following on all other social media sites in addition to Instagram. Of course,  her rise has been aided by her ingenuity and invention. In fact,  her fantastic attitude, great sense of style, stunning looks, and sweet smile have also boosted her fame.

Discover all about Brittan Byrd, her bio, age, height, net worth, relationship status, and social media profiles like Instagram and Twitter. Learn more about her real estate career, basketball background, and her connection with Lil Uzi and Saint JHN.

Brittan Byrd Biography/Wiki

Brittan Byrd is a 22-year-old Hawaiian model born on September 12, 2000. Of course, she rose to prominence after showing up in season 4 of ““Too Hot To Handle””. Moreover, the show made its debut on Netflix on December 7.

She elevated Hawaii previously by making an appearance on the lids of Modern Luxury and Zephyr Magazine 2022. The blue-eyed beauty frequently colludes with Amadeo and Megan Batson. Thus, she shares their photos frequently on social media. Premier Models and Talent in Miami previously represented her.

Real name Brittany Byrd
Nick name Brittan
Date of Birth 12th September, 2000
Profession Modelling
Nationality American
College Mililani High School
Hobbies Scuba Diving, Travelling, swimming, volleyball
Religion Christianity

Brittan Byrd Age

Brittan Byrd (age 22) was born in Mililani Town, Hawaii on September 12, 2000. We came to know that she grew up in a Christian home. However, we don’t know much about her family since she rarely speaks about her parents and siblings. She went on to graduate from Mililani High School, as per sources.

Byrd likes to spend time on beaches because she grew up in a tropical location such as Hawaii. Of course, s he looks great in a bikini. Thus, her friends and loved ones used to praise her and say that she would make an excellent model.

Brit was also interested in entering the modelling industry. Further, after receiving positive feedback from friends and family, she began modelling at the age of 17.

Early Life

Brittan Byrd was a member of a Christian family and was born in Hawaii. However, her family’s specifics are unclear because she seldom ever talks about them. She went to Mililani High School and has a high school diploma. Unfortunately, we don’t have any other info about her education.

She started modelling in her house when she was 21 years old. Of course, it was after she started to become more interested in the industry. She also posted pictures from Hawaii’s lovely beaches.

Brittan Byrd

At the age of 17, after receiving enough support from her near and dear ones, she made the choice to pursue a career in modelling. She soon caught the eye of the tabloids. Also, she was able to appear on the front covers of Zephyr Magazine and Modern Luxury.

Byrd has developed her physical and mental fitness via training. In fact, s he exercises at the gym and practices yoga. She cares about mental health because she thinks it is just as vital as physical health. Byrd played in an advert shot especially for Hawaii Polo Life Sports in August 2020.

Brittan Byrd’s name has been tied with the Hawaii-based modelling agency Premier Models & Talent SAGAFTRA since July 2021. She has worked with many well-known photographers over the past few years. For example, Angelina Venturella, VisionbyBlade, Iike Ridgley, and Megan Batson.

Personal Life

We are aware that modelling is a career that focuses more on a person’s physical looks. But we also know about the psychological difficulties they deal with. However, things are different for Brittan Byrd. While on break, she enjoys swimming, surfing, and rock climbing. She also loves nature. So, moving to LA has had an impact on her in that regard.

We all know that modelling as a vocation requires a person to fixate on outside charm. Thus, the stress that models face causes many of them to turn to street drugs, but Brit is a rare exception.

The lady loves to work under duress. And, instead of making poor decisions, she engages in actions such as climbing, trekking, surfing, and swimming. She chooses to be close to nature at all times. Of course, this caused her to be sad when she had to relocate to Los Angeles in 2022.


Both a model and an Instagram influencer, Brittan Byrd is one of the top faces. But she didn’t show up until 2020. Her fame has risen, and people have started noticing her more frequently. In fact, it is ever since the fourth season of “Too Hot To Handle” premiered on December 7.

The Netflix series had three successful seasons under its belt. Then, the producers decided to alter things up for the fourth installment. They put in new candidates, including Brittan Byrd. Of course, it turned out to be one of the best moves they’ve ever made for the show.

In the Caribbean, in an opulent villa, they shot the fourth season. In fact, they could draw millions of fans to the show thanks to its increased drama, action, and romance. But, many were ultimately confused by Brittan Byrd’s beauty.

She has served as a professional model. Zephyr Magazine and Modern Luxury both put the model on their covers in 2022. Byrd has been with the Next Models, Face Models, and Renew Artists Hawaii all through the past few years. She has also paced the runway for various firms. Moreover, one can also find her in a number of advertisements.

Brittan Byrd Net worth

Brittan Byrd has a net worth of $300,000 dollars. She earns a living by modelling and boosting brands. Also, sh e most likely does photoshoots for brands and fosters designer labels on her social media pages. Assuming she has assets such as a house and a car, we predict her worth to be around $300,000 USD.

Brittan Byrd Modelling

Byrd did work as a print model for a few years. She was entailed in newspaper adverts as well as some local advertisements. However, her career took off after she signed with Premier Models & Talent in 2021. She started to get offers to walk the runway. Also, designers began to book her for some global fashion industry shows. Brittan was on the cover of Zephyr Magazine’s 64th edition in 2022. And soon after, her face was on the cover of Modern Luxury. Thus, it gave her modelling career a much-needed boost.

Brittan Byrd

When Byrd was trying to climb the modelling ladder, she was offered a role in the fourth season of Netflix’s heavily hyped show ““Too Hot To Handle”,” and thus her TV career began.

Brittan Byrd Linkedin

Brittan simply identifies herself as a “full-time model” on her LinkedIn profile. Also, she cites Honolulu, Hawaii, as her location and is under contract with Premiere Models & Talent. Before coming into the modelling industry, Brittan trained at Brandy Melville.

Brittan Byrd Instagram

There is much evidence of Brittan’s modelling career on her Instagram. Beautiful pics of her modelling all over the world may be found on her grid. In fact, she moved from Hawaii to Los Angeles. Of course, the  bulk of her postings are about her life in L.A.

Brittan Byrd is a well-known Instagram user with far more than 120k followers. Of course, you can also join her on Twitter at @brittan byrd to stay abreast with her fashion choices. The bulk of the photos she posts are from her modelling sessions. But, she also occasionally shares pictures of her travels and hanging out with pals. She even has a highlight of a tale that is all about her trip to Greece.

She occasionally publishes Instagram stories and posts outlining the behind-the-scenes antics of her filming schedule. Byrd’s Instagram account makes it clear that she is still keeping a warm relationship with her “Too Hot To Handle” co-stars. For example, it includes Kayla Richard, Dominique Defoe, and Jawahir Khalifa. In fact, they frequently comment on her various posts.

Even though she already has an excellent amount of fans on Instagram, one can only hope that this number will quickly rise.

Brittan Byrd “Too Hot To Handle”

There are many who are not familiar with the idea of the show. Here, gorgeous singles are brought to an island and the hosts ask them not to get intimate in exchange for the chance to win a sizable cash reward. Or, it might also be just because you’re in need of reality relationship fodder while we wait for The Bachelor to return. Every time a person violates “The Rules,” they lose money from the prize fund. For example, when they interact physically with some other contestant, they lose out on money.

Brittan actively promotes health and wellbeing and frequents a Los Angeles gym. As per her THTH bio, the 22-year-old is “a self-proclaimed daddy’s daughter”. And, she also “thinks she has men all figured out.” She’ll likely gain some insight about males during her round on “Too Hot To Handle”, which is likely.

Netflix is now streaming “Too Hot To Handle” season 4.

Brittan Byrd Job

Brittan is a real model for sure. The 22-year-old is now based in Honolulu, Hawaii. And, Premier Models & Talent has tied up with her, as per her LinkedIn profile. Many other tasks that she has been hired for are displayed in her web model portfolio. For example, it has many swimsuit photos. She has even hit the covers of various articles, including Zephyr and Modern Luxury Hawaii. Brittan was all set to gamble the entire prize fund at the start of the fourth season of “Too Hot To Handle”. That was when she met fellow participant James Pendergrass. James is not just 23 years old, which puts them both quite close by age, but he is also a native of Hawaii.

Nevertheless, Brittan found one aspect of James’ flirty exchanges to be frustrating:. James was serious about truly following “The Rules.” Additionally, he made sure that every other person was as well.

She previously promoted Hawaii by being featured on the covers of Modern Luxury and Zephyr Magazine 2022. The blue-eyed beauty regularly works with Amadeo and Megan Batson. And, their photos are featured on her social media channels. She was previously shown by Premier Models and Talent in Miami. She often shares her modelling work on Instagram. Here, she currently has 120K followers. The Hawaiian native poses both alone and with other models on the beach the majority of the time.

Brittan Byrd and James Pendergrass

Season 4 of “Too Hot To Handle” saw a healthy mix of genuine connections and lust-fueled motivations. Creed (*cough*) Model Brittan Byrd and fitness coach James Pendergrass were among the most popular couples in the Turks and Caicos villa. The Hawaii citizens voiced shared attraction at the beginning of the trial. And, they remained together throughout the show, but there were some bumps in the road.

Brittan Byrd

Of course, Brittan was trying to find a good rule break. But,  James assumed the role of cock blocker, trying desperately (and failing) to ensure that no one wasted the group’s money. Though his goal was noble, he was fixated on enforcing the rules. In fact. he unwillingly ignored Brittan, who finally voiced her displeasure during a punching bag session. She then swapped her bed with James for the newcomer, tattooed Ethan.

Brittan and James had one of the best relationships in “Too Hot To Handle”. But, her Instagram revealed that they may be trying to fake their relationship.

Brittan Byrd and James Pendergrass had a tense relationship on “Too Hot To Handle”. Further, it appears that more drama is on the way after hints that their relationship was staged surfaced. Despite their limited screen time, the couple became fan favourites for their strong emotional connection. Thus, it had the potential to show that Lana knows what she’s talking about. The couple left the place together. But, fans found proof that Brittan was not as single as she appeared.

Brittan Byrd Boyfriend

Brittan Byrd & James Pendergrass had opposing views on what they wanted from THTH. Of course, James was concerned about not wasting any of the money on rule violations. On the other hand, Brittan was bent on seeking intimacy even if it did mean losing money. During the season, Brittan left James for Ethan Smith. And, it was because he was willing to give her more focus. However, she eventually returned to James. The couple became one of the season’s most stable and predictable relationships, despite not kissing until episode 9. Brittan and James never did break any rules. Also, they eventually decided to continue dating when they got back to Hawaii.

Having left “Too Hot To Handle” together, Brittan and James took a rest after filming, as per a Reddit user. Brittan had a lover during the retreat. In fact, people believe that they are still together, as per U/PhysicalCommercial68. Another user stated that her guy “plays basketball at the University of Hawaii.” Also, a third stated that “she’s been making a comment under his posts for the last few months.” Some fans believe James was aware of the news and followed protocol in previous episodes. On the contrary, others believe she caught him off guard.


How old is Brittan Byrd?

Brittan Byrd is a popular American model and Instagram queen. Thus, it is only obvious that she has received more than her fair share of tabloid covers in recent years.

Brittan Byrd was born in Mililani, Hawaii on September 12, 2000. In 2023, she will be 23 years old.

What is Brittan Byrd’s fanbase like?

She has a large following not only on Instagram, but also on a variety of other social media sites. Her artistry and originality have been the basis for her progress. However, because of her exemplary personality, elegant sense, gorgeous looks, and loving grin, she has made it big.

Is Brittany focussed on physical training as well?

She decided to enter the modelling industry at the age of 17 after receiving enough praise from her family and friends. Soon after gaining media coverage, they put her on the covers of Zephyr Magazine and Modern Luxury.

Byrd has primed herself mentally and physically to be fit. She goes to the gym and does yoga. Also, s he is concerned about mental health because she thinks it is just as critical as her physical health. In fact,  Byrd appeared in an advert for Hawaii Polo Life Sports in August 2020.

What is Brittan Byrd’s height?

Byrd is 5 feet 8 inches tall. Further, she has blue eyes and blond hair, according to reports. Because of the mix of these features, she has a stunning physique.

Is Brittan a model?

Yes, Brittan is a popular model. In fact, she rose to fame on Netflix’s ““Too Hot To Handle”.”