Amber Rose Smashes Body Hair Taboos And Pictures

Amber Rose Bush With Hair

Amber Rose Bush: If you don’t follow Amber Rose on Instagram, you probably missed a serious fire picture she posted on Friday. Rose uploaded an image of herself dramatically posing on a wooden staircase. She’s clad in a bikini top, fur coat, sunglasses, and choker necklace. Her nails are painted a striking shade of red, and she’s covered in oil.

Oh yeah, and she’s not wearing any pants (or underpants). Amber Rose doesn’t do anything on accident. So, it should come as no surprise that when the sex-positivity activist posted a glossy photo of herself wearing a black bikini and head-to-toe diamonds, with her pubic hair proudly displayed between her oil-slicked legs, she knew exactly what the headlines would be about — because she made sure of it.

Amber Rose Smashes Body Hair Taboos And Pictures
Amber Rose Smashes Body Hair Taboos And Pictures

Rose posted the bottomless photo to promote the upcoming third annual SlutWalk—a march Rose organizes to protest rape culture, victim-blaming, sexual assault, and slut-shaming. The picture was only up for two hours before Instagram took it down.

But not to worry—Rose responded by uploading a selfie video and putting the photo up on Twitter instead. “When Instagram deletes your fire ass feminist post, but you really don’t give a f*ck because everyone picked it up already,” she wrote in the caption on her video

Amber Rose Bring Back The Bush

Rose has been subjected to a lot of sexist criticism regarding her career, her rise to fame, and how she presents herself. The 33-year-old famously featured in a ‘Funny or Die’ sketch called ‘The Walk Of No Shame’. Her ‘Slut Walk’ sees women marching, dressing in whatever clothes they god-damn want, in an attempt to prove that what you wear does not define who you are and how you should be treated.

In light of this, Amber posted a photo of herself on her Instagram page of herself wearing sunglasses, a choker, a bikini top, a coat, and heels. Bringing a literal depiction to the phrase ‘fur coat no knickers’ this photo is definitely NSFW. Everyone has seen the now-infamous (in such a short time!) NSFW photo of Amber Rose posing on a staircase, oiled up and naked from the waist down. Even though the image had a short-lived time on Instagram, it lives on in our hearts, minds, and on Twitter.

After it was deleted, Amber Rose went back on Instagram to roll her eyes a bit and hashtagged her video with #bringbackthebush — but she didn’t stop there. Shortly after, she returned to Instagram and created the Amber Rose challenge, which is exactly what you think it is.

Rose posted a response to the photo being taken down saying, ‘When IG deletes ur fire ass feminist post but you really don’t give a fuck because everyone picked it up already #amberroseslutwalk #bringbackthebush ‘ People, quite frankly, went berserk for the photograph, which sees Rose oiled up, lying on some stairs. As well as the nudity, it seems the furor surrounding the image is also about the presence of Rose’s pubic hair.

Amber Rose Smashes Body Hair Taboos

Amber Rose is many things. She’s walked the runway for New York Fashion Week and been a judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race. She’d Danced with the Stars and rapped with Wiz Khalifa. She’s an entrepreneur, who has opened her own clothing line. Amber Rose smart, savvy, and a big proponent of the anti-slut shaming movement. She’s even at the helm of the SlutWalk movement—partly inspired by her own experiences of being shamed as a teenager.

Amber Rose Smashes Body Hair Taboos
Amber Rose Smashes Body Hair Taboos

Now, she’s taking her feminism a step further by smashing body hair taboos, simply by posting an image of her pubic hair on Instagram. Researchers have found that people who groom their pubes are more likely to have a history of sexually transmitted infections. Furthermore, added Andrea DeMaria, a professor of public health at Purdue University, who studies pubic hair removal, in an interview with Inverse, the process of removing pubic hair often creates tiny cuts in the skin that can become infected, opens hair follicles to infection, and tears at the sensitive tissue of the vulva, which can be very painful. “Pubic hair removal can be healthy, and it can be unhealthy, depending on where, how, and when the hair is removed,” she says.

Amber Rose Bush Photo

As for how Amber groomed her bush for the pic? “I didn’t really do anything crazy to groom it,” she laughs. “I just used some soap and some lotion. In that picture, it was just not fully wild and grown out at that time. When I finish getting washed in the shower, I use baby oil gel all over my body [including my bush].”

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There you have it! Amber also isn’t afraid to take on her haters. “I wanted to prove a point, and of course arguing with Piers Morgan, That’s why I kept going back and forth with him,” Amber explains of Pier’s nasty tweet in response to her photo (“Put it away, Luv. Thanks”).

“I posted a picture of Adam Levine with a woman grabbing his d*CK and balls, and Piers was like, ‘You know that’s different because that was for testicular cancer — so that’s okay,’” she adds. “Men feel like they can do whatever, and show their bodies off constantly, but we can’t — that’s bullshit,” Amber declares. Agreed!

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