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Sophie Stonehouse is a London-based British model, reality TV star, and model. She remained a competitor on Netflix’s hit reality TV show Too Hot to Handle. The series follows a group of singles on an island retreat where they are not permitted to kiss or have any type of physical contact and are instead urged to focus on creating deeper connections. She is a professional model and influencer from Manchester, England. The person who won Miss Manchester in 2018 is also a beauty pageant winner. Learn all about Sophie Stonehouse including her birthday, age, height, movies, Love Island, and Instagram. Discover her TikTok, LinkedIn, and the meaning behind her name.

Sophie Stonehouse Bio/Wiki

Real Name Sophie Stonehouse
Nickname Sophie
Profession Model, Social Media Influencer, Television Personality
Date of Birth 2000
Birthplace Leeds, United Kingdom
Hometown Leeds, England, United Kingdom
Nationality Britisher
Religion Christianity
College University of Colorado Boulder
Famous For Too Hot To Handle

Sophie Stonehouse Birth

So, Sophie Stonehouse was born into a British family in Brighton, England. Sophie was born in the year 2000, and her nickname is Sophie. Her astrological sign is unclear since her birth date is uncertain. Her studies were finished at an inconspicuous educational institution in her hometown. However, she did not reveal any information about his tertiary education. She is from a British-Christian family. Her father’s name is unknown, but her mother is Michelle Stonehouse. Her siblings include a sister named Gracie Stonehouse and a brother named Aiden Stonehouse.

Sophie Stonehouse

Sophie is a self-proclaimed “party girl” who enjoys spending time with her siblings. She is straightforward, forthright, and frequently the life of the party. These are the characteristics that the model inherited from her parents. Sophie Stonehouse enjoys spending her leisure time with them. However, we are unable to locate her family members’ names. Sophie enjoys socialising with her friends, family, and her dog. This celebrity is of mixed race and white ethnicity.

Sophie Stonehouse Family

Michelle Stonehouse, also known as Michelle Slater, is Sophie’s mother. As of 2023, she was working as a dispensary attendant at The Leith Hill Practice and living in Billingshurst, West Sussex, according to her Facebook. She stated that she was divorced and that she was from Rochester Hills, Michigan. On June 1, 2022, she posted here that she had left the United States 20 years previously. Then she notified her people that she was returning home with some wonderful and some really awful memories. Similarly, on October 5, 2022, she posted this status beginning with tranquillity is so hard to find after 50 and single.

As of the time of researching, nothing was known about Sophie’s father or when he and Michelle parted. In terms of siblings, Sophie has a brother and a sister. Sister Gracia on Instagram, @graciestonehouse, looks just like Sophie. She attended Millais School as well as Richard Collyer College. Aiden Stonehouse, on the other hand, reported being a student of Economics at Pembroke College, Cambridge. Sophie and their mother were on hand to help him move into his new institution in September 2022. Michele, the mother, afterwards boasted about her “proud mother moment” on Facebook.

Sophie Stonehouse Career

She’s appeared in a few British magazines and has done some commercial work. Sophie was noted on Too Hot to Handle for her vivacious attitude and daring sense of style. She enjoys travelling and was able to do so extensively during the TV show. Sophie Stonehouse is also a fashionista who appreciates expressing herself via her clothing. Sophie Stonehouse is a seasoned model who has appeared in Vogue, Glamour, and Cosmopolitan. She is self-assured and at ease in front of the camera, making her a perfect choice for the Too Hot to Handle cast. Sophie was a passionate and determined Too Hot to Handle competitor.

Sophie Stonehouse

She was driven to earn the prize money and frequently takes the lead in planning and decision-making. However, Stonehouse ended the competition in eighth place. This model is not hesitant to express herself, which may cause disagreement with other participants. Her forthrightness and honesty make her an appealing character, and viewers can’t help but cheer for her. Sophie Stonehouse was one of the show’s most engaging and energetic participants. Her vivacious nature and driven demeanour make her an excellent complement to the group. She is a seasoned model and beauty pageant winner who isn’t afraid to take chances. Sophie made an impression on the show with her confidence and commitment.

Sophie Stonehouse Job

She began working as an event manager for Global Fund for Children when she was 18 years old and continues to do so now. She defines event organising as her passion; aside from event management, Stonehouse enjoys engaging with people on social media. Her hourglass form and piercing emerald eyes drew thousands of Instagram followers (@sophiestonehouse). Her life took a positive turn in 2021 when she was given a spot on a dating reality TV show. She received a call encouraging her to audition for “Too Hot To Handle” season 4 auditions. Sophie was approved a few weeks after a comprehensive screening and interview by the Netflix show’s creators. THTH Season 4 was released on December 7, 2022, and quickly hit the top ten list. Stonehouse earned widespread notoriety as a result of the show’s popularity, which included modelling and photo shoot assignments.

Sophie Stonehouse THTH season 4

The fourth season of Too Hot To Handle resulted in a number of love partnerships, but not everyone was that fortunate. Sophie had a particularly devastating time on the TV show, but she’s not going down without a fight. Here’s what Sophie Stonehouse, star of Too Hot To Handle, is up to these days. Sophie came to Season 4’s Turks and Caicos villa not seeking for anything serious, which meant she was about to fall head over heels for someone. Her Netflix profile focused on Sophie’s fear of commitment after leaving her sole long-term relationship before going on the TV show, and she made her no-strings-attached philosophy abundantly apparent upon her arrival: “I don’t want anything serious with anyone.

If I don’t see them when I get up in the morning, that’s fantastic!” That, however, did not endure long. She struck up a romance with Aussie bad boy Creed McKinnon right away, and while she tried harder than anyone else to follow the show’s celibacy rules, she eventually caved and kissed Creed for $6,000 after becoming frustrated that none of her fellow contestants seemed to care about the dwindling prize money. When Flavia and Imogen arrived at the villa later in the season, Sophie’s dream turned into a nightmare. Creed’s wandering gaze became all too evident as he shifted his gaze away from Sophie and towards the new woman. Lana sent Sophie home before the finale, her one-time relationship in ruins.

Sophie Stonehouse Too Hot Too Handle

Sophie Stonehouse made an abrupt leave from Too Hot To Handle season 4, and fans are curious about her life beyond the show. On December 14, the fourth season of the popular Netflix series Too Hot To Handle concluded. Single men and women who arrived looking for physical relationships left with an emotional tie. Some participants, such as Jawahir Khalifa and Nick Kici, discovered their true love, while some staff members departed the competition single. Sophie was one such lovely lady who stepped out alone. Sophie’s personality and upbeat spirit on the show were well received by viewers. On Too Hot To Handle, the British native had a difficult voyage.

Sophie deserved better on the show, according to the audience. The 22-year-old event organiser arrived in Turks & Caicos with a perfect strategy to avoid being connected to anyone. Sophie found herself falling for Creed McKinnon despite her no-strings-attached stipulations. On Too Hot To Handle, the pair had a blossoming romance, but it didn’t last long. Creed, the stereotypical bad boy, abandoned Sophie to seek a relationship with the newcomer, Flavia Laos Urbina. On Too Hot To Handle, Sophie proved averse to pursuing a relationship with other candidates in the villa. Lana, the program’s virtual assistant presenter, sends Sophie home a few days before the finale, leaving Sophie alone on the stage.

More Details

Sophie garnered a massive fan following on Instagram after becoming a reality star, and it appears that she has moved her concentration from event management to social media influencer. All Star Entertainment, a London-based entertainment agency, is now representing her. Sophie now spends much of her time partying, travelling, and performing glam modelling projects. On Too Hot To Handle, Sophie and Creed had a dramatic conclusion. The couple may no longer be dating after taping the TV show, but they remain friends. Most of the cast members recently convened in London to have a good time. A fan questioned Creed on his Instagram Q&A, “Have you and Sophie made up?” while writing about their wonderful day in the city.

Creed responded by posting a photo of himself and Sophie. He stated that they are on excellent terms and that he is glad for the relationship they currently have. Sophie is dealing with the attention she is receiving as a result of Too Hot To Handle. Sophie’s job as an influencer has progressed significantly since shooting the episode. Sophie may still be unmarried, but admirers adore how she spends her time with her close pals. Viewers can only hope that Sophie continues to thrive in the future.

Sophie Stonehouse Boyfriend

Sophie Stonehouse looked to be unmarried and unattached at the time of this writing. In the episode, she grew close to Creed McKinnon. Both she and he displayed evident and real expressions of affection for one another. In fact, they broke the kissing rule as a result of this. They were then caught in the middle of some ups and downs. Even so, they appeared to have overcome the difficult elements of their relationship. While all of this happened on the reality TV show, the two never made any public remarks about their relationship after shooting ended. As a result, it was unclear whether or not this couple was still together.

Nonetheless, it should be mentioned that they followed each other on Instagram and frequently commented positively on each other’s photos. Creed also paid a visit to Sophie’s native country of England in November 2022. So, even if they aren’t dating, they should be excellent friends by now.

Sophie Stonehouse Instagram

Sophie’s Instagram illustrates what a beauty she is, with scores of stunning photos of the 22-year-old hanging out with pals and travelling the world to locations like Bali, Thailand, and more. The majority of the photographs on her Instagram are selfies, but she loves to mix it up with photos from her previous vacations that illustrate her lavish meals and excursions. Sophie currently has 215k followers on her IG account.But we are sure this number will increase after Too Hot To Handle Season 4 goes viral. Several of Sophie’s castmates, including Kayla Richart, Seb Melrose, James Pendergrass, Creed McKinnon, and others, comment on her posts. Sophie’s Instagram handle is @sophiestonehouse.

Sophie Stonehouse Net Worth

Sophie Stonehouse’s net worth is around $125,000 USD. Her job as an event planner pays nicely. She hasn’t, however, revealed any details about her remuneration. Similarly, she is compensated for her modelling endeavours. Aside from that, she may have additional sources of income.

Sophie Stonehouse Prize Money

Sophie Stonehouse is a model, media personality, and event planner who rose to prominence after appearing on the show Too Hot To Handel, as you may be aware. She has come to find someone who would compliment her personality; she appears to have great expectations of her spouse. Stonehouse revealed that she had at least one long-term relationship, but it did not work out due to her high standards. She stated that she is always transparent about casual relationships and that she finds them much easier to manage. Stonehouse has a model-like physical shape and a pleasant attitude. After appearing on the TV show, she gained many followers.

She is 22 years old and still has a long way to go in her career. In terms of the television personality’s net worth, she was an average person who worked as an event planner, thus her net worth was roughly $70,000 or more. Because she has yet to officially disclose her net worth, the figure may be inaccurate. If she wins the show, she will get $100,000 in prize money as well as a large number of admirers and followers. She may also receive lucrative modelling and acting possibilities after the event. But this has not happened.

Sophie Stonehouse Height

Sophie will be 23 in 2023. Her height is 5 feet 5 inches and her weight is around 57 kg. Her hair is light brown, and her eyes are hazel. Sophie’s measurements are 34-25-35, and she wears size 7.5 shoes (US). In terms of physical appearance, she has a beautiful face and a fantastic figure.


Sophie Stonehouse

  • First, Sophie Stonehouse enjoys attending music festivals.
  • She has been to many other places, including Indonesia.
  • Besides, Sophiestonehous is her Snapchat handle.
  • Sophie Dean Stonehouse is her full name.
  • She has less than 10k Tik Tok followers.
  • Coffee is her preferred beverage over tea.
  • She also joined Twitter in February 2022 and now has very few followers.
  • She is presently residing in London, England.
  • This individual also believes in pushing the limits and taking chances in her life.
  • Among her friends, she is recognised for her kindness and compassion.
  • She also enjoys travelling and has visited both Europe and the United States.
  • Few people are aware that she is an animal lover and ardent environmentalist.
  • Because of her bright nature and dedication to the sport, Stonehouse has become a fan favourite.
  • Sophie Stonehouse is thought to have had a role in the love story between fellow candidates Nicole O’Brien and Harry Jowsey on the show.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Sophie Stonehouse From Too Hot To Handle?

Sophie Stonehouse is a British television personality who appeared on Too Hot to Handle as a competitor. She, like everyone else on the TV show, is a regular person; before appearing on the show, she worked as an event planner. Everyone admired her demeanour, even in the introduction video on YouTube, when she stated that she came to the TV show to find a perfect match. She also stated that she and her partner intended to win the competition, and spectators admired her confidence. She earned a large number of fans immediately following the introduction videos. Stonehouse will most likely capture people’s hearts even if she doesn’t get a chance to do it during the event. She appears to have a model’s physique and a pleasant demeanour. She will very certainly be the first choice of the lads.

Why did Sophie choose not to participate in the challenge?

The show’s narrator, Iain Stirling, said that Sophie would not be taking part in the ‘Lads Vegas’ task, in which the lads were forced to dress up as Elvis and perform for the female they wanted to pair up with, since she was “sick.”

How Was Sophie Stonehouse’s Childhood?

Sophie Stonehouse (age 22) was born on March 9, 2000 in Leeds, England, UK. Her father and mother, Michelle Slater, are not together because they divorced a few years ago. According to our sources, she is the Stonehouse family’s eldest child, with a sister called Gracie and a brother named Aiden, who is presently a student at Cambridge. Sophie grew up in Horsham and attended Millais School, where she graduated in 2018. She used to like singing and compete in open mic competitions. In 2013, the Sussex Express published a piece on her. She came to London after finishing her secondary education and began her college studies, but she also began focusing on event management. Her website states that she enjoys writing, travelling, home design, and photography.

How old is Sophie Stonehouse?

So, Sophie will be 23 in 2023. Her height is 5 feet 5 inches and her weight is around 57 kg. Her hair is light brown, and her eyes are hazel. Sophie’s measurements are 34-25-35, and she wears size 7.5 shoes (US). In terms of physical appearance, she has a beautiful face and a fantastic figure.

What is the name of Sophie Stonehouse’s TikTok account?

Sophie, like many of her Too Hot to Handle co-stars, has a TikTok account. She doesn’t have many videos on her page yet. But she has uploaded several season 2 teasers. You may find her on Instagram as @sophiedeanstonehouse.