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Making it on Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle is a certain type of individual. But they do not permit people to contact one another. So, it calls for a specific degree of order and control. After all, it’s a dating show. So, Nick Kici from Season 4 of Too Hot To Handle was lucky to have some great skills that did help him on the show.

Being spiritual and doing yoga, Nick was maybe able to control his calm during Season 4. It was despite the huge tensions (and temptations). However, Nick’s experience as a yogi has also aided him in Too Hot To Handle.

Moreover, making it on Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle requires a certain type of individual. Since the candidates aren’t permitted to contact one other, it calls for a particular degree of discipline and self-control. After all, it’s a dating programme. Thus, Nick Kici from Season 4 of Too Hot To Handle is fortunate to have some unique skills that will benefit him on the show.

Being spiritual and practising yoga, Nick was probably able to maintain his composure during Season 4 despite the mounting tensions (and temptations). However, Nick’s experience as a yogi has also aided him in Too Hot To Handle.

Discover quick facts about Nick Kici, including his age, birthday, height, and Twitter. Also, find out more about his music and his appearance on “Too Hot to Handle.”

Nick Kici Bio/Wiki

Nick Kici

Name Nick Kici
Birthday January 7, 1994
Profession Actor and Model
Birthplace Michigan, USA
Hometown Detroit, Michigan
Nationality American
Weight 67 kg
Height 5 feet and 10 inches
Eye colour Blue
Hair colour Black
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Hobbies Swimming, Skiing and Traveling
Marital Status Unmarried
Address Los Angeles, California
Educational qualification Graduate
Debut Too Hot To Handle
Ex-girlfriend Jawahir Khalifa
Net Worth 700 thousand dollars

Who is Nick Kici?

Nick Kici (age 28) took birth in a Catholic family on September 7, 1994. It was in Detroit, Michigan, in the United States. This model doesn’t talk much about his family. He also does not post any pictures of them on Instagram, thus it is currently unknown who his parents are.

When Kici was a young boy, everyone praised him for having a divine aura after noticing his lovely eyes. Everyone had started urging him to become a model by the time he was in high school. Nick also had aspirations of becoming a fashion model, but he was delaying his plans and putting them on hold. He made the decision to give modelling a go at the age of 19.

Nick Kici Age, Birthday, Height


Nick, who resides in Detroit, Michigan, was born there to American parents. after conducting an internet search. So, we learned that the dashing man celebrates his birthday every year on the seventh of September with his family. Since Nick was born in the year 1994, it makes him 28 years old (as of now, in 2022). Additionally. Nick, who took birth under the Virgo astrological sign, grew up in a Christian home.


Nick Kici

Nick was born to American parents in Detroit, Michigan, where he currently resides. following an internet search. We also understood that the attractive man always celebrated his birthday with his family on the seventh of September. Well. Given that Nick was born in 1994, he is 28 years old (as of now, in 2022). Additionally. Nick was a Virgo when he took birth. So, as a result of this, he took birth to a Christian family.


American actor and model Nick Kici. On September 7, 1994, Nick was born in Detroit, Michigan, to a Catholic family. Also, his age is twenty-eight. Then, Nick, an American actor and model, played the invisible man in the film “The Invisible Man.” The $144 million worldwide gross for this horror movie under Leigh Whannell. So, he started his career as a model. But, Nick’s big break came in 2022 thanks to the Netflix dating programme THTH. also, he is currently a TV star and a model.

Zodiac Sign

A fresh group of pretty, singles in their 20s was the Netflix audiences in Season 4 of Too Hot to Handle. But, the only issue with them is that people don’t allow them to engage in sexual activity on the show. People also don’t allow them from engaging in any other forms of physical contact, such as kissing or vigorous stroking. But, the contestants here are really ready.

Nick is the resident master of all trades in Too Hot to Handle Season 4. The 28-year-old man from Michigan is a model, yogi, and artist, among many other things. Capricorns enjoy working as much as they can, therefore one of their shining traits is the ability to juggle multiple tasks at once.

But once they find the proper woman, Capricorn men are fiercely loyal to them. So perhaps there is still hope for Nick and Jawahir’s relationship.


Nick Kici stands about 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs about 70 kg. Nick has gorgeous brown hair that is glossy and beautiful blue eyes.


Nick has been excited about acting since he was a young boy. Nick’s childhood was quite amazing and filled with love and care from his parents. They always fulfilled Nick’s needs in order for him to follow his dreams. In simple terms, Nick had a childhood that probably helped him a lot to advance what he is now achieving.

Nick appears to be a very private person because he has not yet disclosed any information about his family background, parents, siblings, or other relatives, as well as his early years. Nick’s family background, parents, siblings, and other relatives are all unknown at this time. We are still looking into Nick’s family history. We will let you know right away if we learn anything about his family history.

Nick Kici Net Worth

In 2023, Nick Kici will have a net worth of about 700k USD. Nick hasn’t made any information about his wealth or earnings public. According to our report and online sources, we think Nick’s current net worth is around 700k USD. Acting, movies, TV series, modelling, commercials, Tv ads, brand endorsements, and various business enterprises are some of his main sources of income. Also, his career is active. So, it is reasonable to assume that his net worth will rise in the years to come.

Nick Kici Social Media


Nick has a good number of followers on his Instagram page. He also has a social media following in addition to his acting career. He is mainly active and famous on Instagram. There, he sometimes posts his images and videos of fashion, modelling, travel, adventures, and daily life. He has worked for a few sports and fashion firms. So, it was a result of his developing popularity on the platform as a digital face. His Instagram username is @nickkici.


Nick has been posting serious things on Twitter and Instagram since breaking up with Jawahir. Fans of Too Hot To Handle are worrying. It is because of Nick’s actions since it looks like he is degrading his connection with Jawahir. In a recent tweet, Nick said season 4 of Too Hot To Handle was “the lowest point in the next five years of my life”. Nick also sent out another serious tweet with the words “You make your mistakes, your mistakes never make you”. Fans are worrying about Nick’s actions. Also, they believe that he is not managing his split with Jawahir well.

Nick Kici Michigan

The Netflix dating series Too Hot to Handle (Season 4) had Nick Kici. He is an American artist and reality TV star, as one of the competitors. The first episode of Too Hot to Handle’s 4th season has aired on Netflix on December 7, 2022. Even though he grew up in a little Michigan town, this spiritual aspect always had the feeling that God made him for more. Nick, who was born in 1994, is a Michigan native. So, Nick Kici is currently 28 years old.

Nick Kici and Jawahir Jawahir Khalifa

The 4th season of Too Hot to Handle was out on Netflix. It was more than a month ago. But, many viewers are still trying to identify which couples are still together and which ones have broken up.

When Jawahir had to choose between Nick and newbie Wells, Nick Kici and Jawahir Khalifa nicely became one of the season’s best couples to support. But, it looked as though they were truly meant to be together. It was when Jawahir ultimately decided to stay with Nick. They voted for Nick and Jawahir to win the remaining prize money as well as the overall tournament, so Lana and the other competitors concurred. However, since the release of season 4, viewers have been wondering whether Nick and Jawahir are still together and, if not, why their relationship ended.

Despite finishing first in season four of Too Hot to Handle, Nick and Jawahir are no longer together. Jawahir claimed to be single. But she was not yet ready to date. This was posted by the official Too Hot to Handle Instagram page back in December. They also maybe moved in together for a spell right after the show. But, the couple’s relationship finally did not work out. In the weeks following the fourth season’s airing, there had been indications of this on their social media profiles, but the pair claimed that their relationship ended amicably.

Nick Kici: Too Hot to Handle

The winners of “Too Hot To” Handle season four, Nick Kici and Jawahir Khalifa, have finally announced their separation. So, fans are curious to know how Nick is handling it. The couple was one of the “Too Hot To” Handle season 4 audience favourites. Also, fans cheered them on right away. Together, Jawahir and Nick won 89 thousand dollars of prize money, and they now have a big future ahead of them. Little did the audience know that the pair would call it quits on their relationship months after the episode was on air.

Every man on The Bachelor had his eyes on Kayla Richart. It was when they all arrived at the Caribbean island, with the exception of Nick. He was open about his love for Jawahir at all times. When Nick approached Jawahir, he persuaded her to put her previous on-screen crushes aside. The pair on “Too Hot To” Handle had the most fantastic experience, violating a few rules and facing their fears. Viewers had hoped that Nick and Jawahir would remain together after the show’s end. But sadly, they were unable to make their relationship work.

Nick Kici: The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man, a very well-known movie starring Nick Kici, will premiere on February 27, 2020, in Australia, and on February 28, 2020, in the US. It will be there on the Netflix channel. Drama, horror, and mystery are the three main genres that are there in the movie.

In the movie, Cecilia, a character, has an obnoxious ex who kills himself and gives her his riches, but she thinks his death was fake. As a series of coincidental events turn fatal. Cecilia makes an effort to confirm that she is being pursued by a person that no one can see. In the movie, Nick played the role of Taylor (the waiter). Leigh Whannell was the director of the movie. The H.G. Wells novel served as the basis for Leigh Whannell’s screenplay, which she also directed. Along with Nick, Elisabeth Moss, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, and Harriet Dyer are a few more well-known actors in the movie.

Nick Kici Knotwtr

Nick Kici

In keeping with this, Nick Kici worked on a modelling short film titled Knotwtr 2021. Obi Nwankwo made and wrote the brief video. In the brief video, he collaborated with Obi Nwankwo, Sierra Nowak, and Modesta Boafo.

Nick Kici Girlfriend

Nick’s fans are eager in learning more about his relations. It includes any current or former things. Nick doesn’t have a wife, yet. He does not have a spouse. He is not currently there romantically with anyone. At this time, there is no unvarnished information regarding Nick’s connections or girlfriends in the public domain or on social media.

Like other well-known celebrities and social media influencers, Nick makes an effort to keep his love life a secret and out of public view. Given that he has not disclosed any information about his romantic life, he seems to be a very private person. Without a doubt, Nick is the crush of tens of thousands of people, but he is single. We are now looking into Nick’s dating history; if we find out anything new, we’ll update you guys right away.

Nick Kici Career

Nick fought in his early days of modelling because there was more competition than he had thought. His modelling career began after he managed to land a position in a print ad. Then, Kici also made contact with DT Model Management, which was really helpful for his career.

He then took a job offer to work on “The Invisible Man” and moved to Australia for the film’s production. Fortunately, the movie turned out to be a hit, helping Nick advance as an actor. He had another movie appearance the following year, although this time he was a producer on the short film “Knotwtr.”

Nick’s big break came in 2022 with the Netflix dating series “THTH.” The way he conducted himself on-screen and how he planned the entire game was seen by viewers. He currently works as a model for Vanity Teen and is a TV celebrity.

Nick Kici Facts

  • Nick Kici is a native of the USA. He also looks very sexy and gorgeous.
  • Nick is also an expert in Japanese, Mexican, and Italian food that also has seafood.
  • His interests include writing, dance, painting, and photography.
  • Nick also is a passionate animal lover who keeps dogs and cats as pets.
  • He also works with several companies and sponsors
  • different actors and influencers.
  • Moreover, Nick enjoys travelling and visiting new locations. He likes playing football and working out at the gym.
  • Nick enjoys listening to music and is a big fan of guitar playing
  • He is a renowned model and actor.


Are Jawahir and Nick still dating?

The pair on Too Hot To Handle had the most fantastic experience, violating a few rules and facing their fears. Viewers had hoped that Nick and Jawahir would remain together after the show’s conclusion, but sadly, they were unable to make their relationship work.

Who is the person Nick Kici?

Model, actor, social media star, reality TV star, online personality, and TV personality Nick Kici is from Detroit, Michigan, in the United States.

What year was Nick Kici born?

28 years old is Nick (as of now in 2022)

Why is Nick Kici popular?

Nick gained notoriety after taking part in the fourth season of the popular reality series Too Hot To Handle.

How much money is Nick Kici worth?

As of 2022, Nick’s projected net worth is between 500K and 800K US dollars.

How can I book Nick Kici?

By getting in touch with Nick Kici’s manager, you can hire and book Nick Kici. Thus, the agent for Nick Kici will be able to tell you the free time and cost. Any database will have Nick Kici’s agent’s contact info.

What is the booking charge for Nick Kici?

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