Top 11 Ways to Make Someone Smile

Did you ever think that your one smile would actually bring about a lot of change in the life of a person who may be not feeling well on this day or maybe they are just a passerby to you and that one smile on that particular day could prove to be miraculous? 

As human beings we must understand the fact that it is only by loving each other that we can survive on this earth otherwise we would all and that and this earth would be of no use at all. 

Have you ever imagined a day when you actually brought a smile on somebody’s face and that just lit up their whole day? This is the time to smile on the faces of those people who love you who admire you or about whom you are not really aware but you actually want to do something good for them they might be strangers to you and you don’t even know where they live but still they are human beings and there are certain ways to make people smile which are mentioned below- 

1) Send Flowers and Cakes

Did you ever think flowers and cakes could make somebody’s day as beautiful as ever it could ever have been? Maybe they’re having a bad day in their office or just had a bad breakup or they are really happy but there is nobody with them to share their happiness. These and several other reasons you can give somebody some flowers and cakes. Flowers to make them smile and cake always boost up the mood that was bad or they were just feeling lonely then it just makes us feel good for some time. Now if this is for somebody from your family or a random friend then you can always send flowers to Mumbai and cakes online to any other city where they decide for you could get it delivered locally as well. 

2) Essential Oils

The use of essential oils is not unknown to us. We use it on different occasions such as on our skin and in our house as a natural fragrance. Essential oils help in boosting the mood they also help in cleaning the aura of your house and that is why they are considered one of the best things to be gifted to somebody and occasionally this would definitely make them smile as it’s something that they can use. And certain fragrances could be for them a reminiscent of someone special. You can always add some birthday flowers if sending these as a birthday gift. 

3) Handmade Soap

Handmade natural soaps are becoming quite popular nowadays these soaps are actually made up of lye which is made up of salt and water with a balanced pH just to suit our skin very well and sometimes the soaps are also made up of cold-pressed oils which again help your skin soothe and they don’t have any side effects on skin that is one of the best things. Handmade soap good becomes your other best gift to bring a smile on somebody’s face and with the soap, you would be conveying the message that you do care about that person’s skin and health. If you are sending these soaps as a birthday gift then just don’t send 

4) Clothes

They would have any person will be very happy to see new clothes so in order to bring a smile on somebody’s face you could actually surprise them with a new piece of cloth it could be anything for a woman a dress, scarfs, etc. and for men, it could be tie and suit or whatever fits in your budget. 

5) Heels and Shoes

Tell me the name of that person who does not like a new pair of Shoes or Heels to their cupboard.  These Heels could be of the favorite company or it could be from your favorite company to or big could be the latest seasons of fashion week. 

6) Chocolates

Have you ever thought of making some good homemade chocolates for your friends and family? Well instead of eating the chocolates from outside containing lots of refined sugar, you should buy cocoa nibs, grind them at home add some coconut oil, and freeze, thus your chocolates are ready. Chocolates make people smile even during the worst times. Best of which can be combined with birthday flowers if it’s their birthday. Flowers could be roses carnations a basketful of flowers containing many different flowers such as a combination of orchids, lavender, roses, lilies, etc. 

7) Gift Basket

Have you ever thought of gifting somebody a basket full of gifts? Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Well, a gift basket is a combination of many gifts such as beauty essentials, makeup essentials, beauty essentials like nuts and weight loss chocolates, maybe some muffins and cake too. The point of a gift basket is that you want to see how happy their faces will be when they see this gift basket with lots of gifts. You could also in this basket or to any other city. 

8) Record Player and Records 

I know what you people might be thinking record players are quite old and they even are hardly available and in use nowadays but if you are lucky to find one in the world markets then this is going to be the best gift ever that you give to somebody give it to your grandmother or anybody who likes to listen to a record player and also their favorite songs record. Send this gift with fresh flowers, this definitely brings a smile to their faces. 

9) Coffee Table

We might have a space for a lot of new furniture in the house or not but there is always a place for a new coffee table. Uses of a coffee table are varied, use it on the balcony or keep it in their drawing room or keep it in their room whenever they want to or baby near the window and place some fresh flowers on it to enhance the look.  

10) Home Essentials

Home essentials have a very wide range of gifting and bring a smile on somebody’s face in shell script include electronics interior decor items such as table lamps oil lamps candles rugs questions bed sheets bed cover blankets anything that will come into their use and you think and bring a smile on the face is the best thing.  And another add in the interiors could be net or chiffon curtains. 

11) Candles 

Candles are amongst one of the best gifts and work as a mood-lifting source and that’s why they have found their way in aromatherapy and banishing negativity out of your house. Candles with fresh flowers would definitely be a perfect combination. 

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