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So, “Too Hot To Handle” has become quite a popular show on Netflix that is currently making rounds. You might be aware of it already. If not, let us quickly see what all that is about. However, it is an extremely weird but interesting show. We hardly find shows such as these on television these days. Hence, the root idea is that there will be a bunch of young singles who have to stay together in paradise after they meet each other. As you can already get, Seb Melrose was one such that we found this season.

Moreover, here they get every chance to have sex. In fact, that is precisely the temptation that they have to resist. So, if you were thinking something like the Playboy mansion, this is exactly where it gets different. So, why must the singles preserve their celibacy voluntarily? This is because at the end there is a huge cash prize of 100,000 US Dollars. The one who remains celibate gets it.

“Too Hot To Handle” has had four seasons as of now. Seb Melrose appeared in the latest one. Moreover, if he is currently the talk of the town because of “Too Hot To Handle”, he has also given considerable clout to the show. Why? Because his relationship with the American model and another contestant, Kayla Richart was all over the place. Fans have loved “Too Hot To Handle” for the ways it teaches us to look at love outside sex and deal with one’s own fears and insecurities.

However, Seb Melrose is way more than that. He might have suddenly popped up because of his affair on the show and definitely because he is hot but he has an entirely different and successful career behind him. Let us go through that.

Discover everything about Seb Melrose: his net worth, height, age, ethnicity, Instagram, and relationship with Kayla Richart. Also, learn about his racing career and appearance on Too Hot to Handle.


So, let us quickly see what we know about Seb Melrose as of now. Therefore, he is a professional racing driver from Scotland. Hence, the last competition that he participated in was Ginetta GT4 Supercup where he represented Team HARD. Moreover, he had also won the Indian Motor Racing Club or SMRC rising star award as well as the Ecurie Ecosse Hubcap. He has more feathers on his cap. The legendary Dario Franchitti who had won the IndyCar Series for 4 times and the Indy 500 for 3 times is his godfather. He hails from Bathgate, Scotland. So, at 25 years old, he has achieved quite a lot. This is exactly why he is way more than just the popularity he received from his recent appearance in the fourth season of “Too Hot To Handle”.

Seb Melrose

Therefore, let us check out his life details quickly once!


Known Name Seb Melrose
Real name


Sebastian Melrose
Nickname Seb Melrose
Date of Birth 12 January 1998
Age 25 years
Home Town Bathgate, Scotland, United Kingdom
Current Residence London, United Kingdom
Profession Model, media face, internet sensation, show participant, entrepreneur and most importantly racing car driver.
Girlfriend/ Affairs So, the current relationship status of Seb Melrose is that he is unmarried, and probably single. However, while he was on the show, he did have a romantic relationship that stretched outside it. So, he and Kayla Richart were attracted to each other and they had a thing going on. However, they had split after the show ended.
Nationality British and Salvadoran. So, he has dual nationality.
Religion & Ethnicity So, as for religion, he is a Christian. For ethnicity, he has mixed parentage. Therefore, he was born in Scotland and his father is Scottish. However, his mother is Salvadoran. Hence, this explains why he has a dual citizenship in Scotland as well as Salvador.


Zodiac sign Capricorn

Seb Melrose Age

So, Seb Melrose took birth on 12 January 1998 in Bathgate, Scotland to a Scottish father and a Salvadoran mother. Therefore, as of 2023, he is 25 years old.

However, age is hardly a factor when it comes to him. See how much he has achieved and that too across fields! He might professionally belong to the field of sports but how wrong will it be to tell that he is one of the latest internet sensations? Not wrong at all. So, let us take a look at his net worth. That will be the most real proof of how much he has achieved at such a young age.

Seb Melrose’s Net Worth

So, Seb Melrose, at 25 is already a millionaire. As per different reports, he has an estimated net worth of a couple of million US Dollars. It is only natural given his wide work profile. He ended up as runner-up on the Netflix shows “Too Hot To Handle” which transformed him into an internet sensation. The show was extremely popular and so was Seb Melrose himself. So, it is only natural that he might be getting substantial partnership offers and brand endorsements. Therefore, that is definitely an important source of earning money.

But then, he has a thriving career as a professional racing car driver. So, that is what makes most of his net worth. As for assets, he also has a house and his own car.

Seb Melrose

However, what not everyone might know is that he is also an entrepreneur. So, if you have a business as a side hustle, it is true you need to invest a lot but all of that comes back to you as assets in due time. Moreover, if the business works out, then eureka! Therefore, he is the co-founder of Reprimo Life. Moreover, Reprimo Life is a brand that develops natural supplements for both your body as well as your mind.

Therefore, all of these are channels from which he earns money. Hence, it makes sense how he is so successful at such a young age. However, his professional life is not the only one worth noticing. Seb Melrose is also quite a charming man. Stay tuned to the article and we will see that in a while.

Seb Melrose’s Salary

So, when it comes to celebrities like Seb Melrose, it is difficult to estimate a monthly or yearly salary. However, as per various reports, he has an approximate monthly income of 80 to 85 thousand dollars. The most stable portion of this comes from his contract with Team HARD for his profession as a racing car driver. Other than that, he must be having various brand endorsements that add to the value. However, most important of all these is probably his business investments which substantially add to the money he earns every month.

So, we have covered more than enough on the professional life of Sel Melrose. Therefore, now this handsome 25-year-old definitely demands a section devoted to his physical details only.

Seb Melrose Measurments

So, if you have browsed through the pictures of Seb Melrose, you will have already known that he really is attractive. He is handsome and has a great body. However, we might not call him very tall but he is good to go with a height slightly more than the average. He is less than feet but does that really matter? Definitely not. At the end of the day, it is always your attitude and personality that make you really attractive. Let us go through his physical details once quickly.

Hair Color So, the base hair color of Seb Melrose is black. But come on, he is a public figure. So, you can hardly expect him to put on the same hair every day of the year. Therefore, you can spot him often in different hairstyles as well as different colors or highlights depending on the look that he is going for.
Eye Color Black
Height Feet – 5 feet 10 inches

Meters – 1.80 m

Centimeters – 180 cm

Weight In Kilograms – 78 Kg

In Pounds– 171 lbs

Therefore, now that we have seen the physical details of Seb Melrose, let us take our notice of his personal life more.

Seb Melrose Ethnicity

So, Seb Melrose comes from mixed parentage. He has a Scottish father. However, his mother is Salvadoran. This is why he has dual citizenship from both Salvador and Scotland, where he was born. Therefore, he is part white and part Latin American. However, we do not know much about either of his parents, their backgrounds, or their professions. Moreover, they might also have had mixed parentage! Anyway, this is all that we have on our plates right now!

Seb Melrose’s Birthday

Of course, you would love to know about the birthday of your favorite celebrity, and who knows, if you are in the UK, you can send him a special mail as well! So, Seb Melrose took birth on 12 January 1998. Therefore, for this year, it has just gone away. So, if you have any such plans, better them and hold on to them. Keep an eye out next year! Who on earth doesn’t appreciate the love from fans, after all?

Seb Melrose’s Instagram

If it is a gen z star and does not have an Instagram handle, there is nothing wilder than that. Well, that is not the case with Seb Melrose. So, if you are there on Instagram, there is good news for you. Hence, you can find him out with his id which is just sebmelrose. So, what are you waiting for? Check him out and hit that follow button now!

Moreover, Seb Melrose is quite popular on Instagram. He has a follower count of 491 thousand people which is almost half a million. On the other hand, he follows only 938 people. On top of that, he also has 249 posts. Therefore, you understand that he posts on the gram quite regularly. His profile reads he is an athlete because obviously, his prime identity is that he is a professional racing car driver. This is what he is here for! His bio literally reads “I live in the fast lane sv”. However, it also pays homage to reprimo life that he co-founded, and his Netflix show which made him enormously popular. The ID of his contact for collaborations is also given clearly in his bio.

So now, coming to his profile grid. It is a riot of colors and aesthetics, and of course a whole lot of serotonin because just look at him! So, he mostly posts pictures of himself and he has a very soothing aesthetic. His posts might be for shoots, promotional purposes, or simply for documentation- whatever it is, it looks good. He also posts images of his cars, books, landscapes, and so on. Like anyone else, he also posts pictures of himself with his friends and him in his travels. So, if you think that way, his profile is pretty normal and human.

Seb Melrose’s Tiktok

So, Tiktok is banned in some countries. It might be upsetting to you if you are a fan of Seb Melrose and a citizen of such a country. But worry not, you always have Instagram to go with, especially now with reels which are hardly any different from TikTok. However, let us anyway check the details of Seb Melrose on Tiktok.

So, you can check him out at sebmelrose on Tik Tok. He has a whopping 9.5 million likes. However, that is not just it. He also has 326.9 thousand followers which is nothing short of gigantic. Hence, what are you waiting for? If you have a Tik Tok account, go check him out.

Seb Melrose and Kayla Richart

So, Kayla Richart, the popular and beautiful American model, and influencer were under everyone’s notice in the fourth season of “Too Hot To Handle”. The two spiked up a relationship midway that was quite the thing this season. Moreover, both of them remained faithful till the end. They would turn down date offers from others on the show. Not just that, they also walked out of the show being together. However, Kayla Richart did agree that things started to become more complicated after that. The most basic reason behind this is that Seb is from Scotland while Kayla is from Los Angeles, California which is in the extreme western part of the US.

Seb Melrose

So, you can easily understand that there is a huge distance between the two places and both of them are focused on their careers in the cities where they are based in. Yet, they did travel initially to make it work. However, long-distance is a bad villain. It is very difficult to have your way around it as the opponent. So, they finally had to give in. It was too much trouble. Therefore, as we have already seen, Seb Melrose is currently single. However, nobody can deny that the duo had a great run.


What does Seb Melrose do?

So, Seb Melrose is really one of the most multitasking celebrities that you can find out there. Therefore, he is a model, a media sensation, a show participant, and an entrepreneur. He co-founded Reprimo Life. However, most importantly, he is a professional racing car driver. Scroll up and check out the section “Seb Melrose Bio” to know more about his career.

Who was Seb Melrose in “Too Hot To Handle”?

So, Seb Melrose ended up being the runners up in the fourth season of the Netflix show “Too Hot To Handle”. While being inside the luxury villa, he and Kayla Richart initiated quite a serious relationship. That quite became the talk of the town and gained them a lot of popularity. However, unfortunately, they broke up recently because of the long distance. However, when they left the show they were still dating. So, you can only realize that they were pretty serious about the relationship that became so famous.

How old is Seb Melrose?

So, he took birth on 12 January 1998. Therefore, as you can already guess, as of February 23, he is only 25 years old. However, age is just a number when you take into account all that he has achieved already. Do not forget he is already a multimillionaire!

Does “Too Hot To Handle” allow alcohol?

Well, alcohol was there in the villa in “Too Hot To Handle”. However, for the fourth season, it was Seb who revealed that the participants could not have more than one drink every night. However, the limit is lower in this season than was the case in the previous seasons.

Did any “Too Hot To Handle” couples stay together?

Well, Seb Melrose and Kayla Richart really had their relationship all over. They also tried to make it work but it did not ultimately and got very complicated. However, that is not the case with everyone. Some couples really are here to stay. So, Emily and Cam were 2 contestants in the second season of “Too Hot To Handle”. They had met and fallen in love with each other. However, they confirmed to the fans that they are still together and very much in a relationship.