Emily Miller: Age, Career, and Social Media Presence

So, did you come across the Netflix show “Too Hot To Handle”? You surely have as it has been extremely popular and the contestants’ names are hovering everywhere. Emily Miller as well is rising in popularity for the very same reasons. However, you might not be aware of it. Hence, let us quickly see what it is exactly. So, Netflix has four seasons of “Too Hot To Handle” as of now. Miller is there in the second season which was shot in 2021. Well, technically, it is a reality show but it is not the same as other normal reality shows. It is more like Big Boss but the setting is entirely romantic in nature. Well, that might confuse you a bit. So, let us see what exactly happens in “Too Hot To Handle” which suddenly made Emily Miller so famous.

Emily Miller

Hence, the show takes a bunch of young adults, all in their 20s, and isolates them completely in a romantic and luxurious villa. So, they can meet each other and bond among themselves. They may become friends, date each other, or fall in love, whatever they want to. However, the most important part is that they cannot have any sexual liaisons. The less sex one has, the better their chance of winning the show. Therefore, the one who has prevented themselves the most becomes the winner of the season with a huge cash prize. However, it is not easy because the villa gives you every possible opportunity to get into something like that. However, it is also obvious that all these contestants have a life outside the show, both personal and professional. Emily Miller is no exception.

Discover Emily Miller’s background, age, and various pursuits, including barrel racing, makeup, and her presence on TikTok, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Learn more about her professional life as a doctor, attorney, and Love Island participant.

Emily Miller’s Age

So Emily Faye Miller, more popularly known as Emily Miller took birth on April 10, 1994, in London, United Kingdom. Therefore, as of 2023, she is 28 years, almost on the verge of being 29. So, compared to the other contestants, she might have been a little older. However, one look at her and you will know that hardly matters.

This dashing and beautiful brown model from England with Indian parentage has hardly deterred her hotness quotient even when she is almost getting into her 30s. Talk of aging gracefully! So, let us see more about her personal and professional life in this article.

Emily Miller Bio

So, let us quickly see what all do we all know about Emily Miller. Well, for starters, she is an English model whose beauty has been wrecking hearts all over for quite some time now. However, the chief basis of her popularity comes from her association with the second season of the British Netflix show “Too Hot To Handle”. The show has made a lot of young media faces extremely popular. Emily Miller is one of the most popular among those. Moreover, she had been modeling professionally since her college days. So, you know, it has been quite some time for her in this business. In the process, she has been a part of exciting projects, brand endorsements, and collaborations. Some of these are Anthony Robert, Bikini Deluxe Swimwear, Prisca Tozzi, and many more.

Emily Miller

Moreover, she is not just an Instagram model or influencer because she is signed with FOMO Models for her professional career outside the internet clout. By the last episode of “Too Hot To Handle” in June 2021, Emily Miller had emerged as one of the finalists running for the 100,000 USD cash prize. Moreover, she emerged as one of the runners-up in the contest. In June itself, she collaborated with PrettyLittleThings by the time the show ended. Since 2022, she has been collaborating with Fashion Nova as well.

In August 2021, she became an ambassador for Oh Polly. She also runs a Youtube channel with Cam Holmes whom she had met on the show. They have been together ever since. However, most importantly, she is also an entrepreneur. So, she launched her own shoe line Simmi shoes in September 2021. Therefore, you can get it, she is more than just good looks. She has extraordinary business acumen as well.


So, we do not have a lot of information about Emily Miller because she does not have a Wikipedia page. But that does not stop us at all! We have gathered all the bits and fragments that we could find about her from the web and placed them in the table for you to know.


Known Name Emily Miller
Real name


Emily Faye Miller
Nickname Emily Miller
Date of Birth 10 April 1994
Age 28 years (As of February 2023)
Home Town London, United Kingdom
Current Residence So, she still lives in London, England, United Kingdom where she was born.
Profession Professional model, media face, internet sensation, influencer, show participant, Youtuber, collaborator, and most importantly, entrepreneur.
Boyfriend/ Affairs So, the current relationship status of Emily Faye Miller is that she is involved in a serious relationship with Cam Holmes. Cam is also a professional model whom FOMO Models represents. Moreover, he is also a trainer. The duo met during the second season of “Too Hot To Handle”. They had broken multiple laws, including the fact that they had made out on the beach. Yet, Emily ended up as a runner-up. Moreover, theirs was one of the few relationships that worked out in the show. Two years later, they are still happily together and even have a youtube channel CAN YOU HANDLE IT which they host together. However, she did have an ectopic surgery. But she has undergone surgery and is now all safe and healthy.
Nationality So, she is of Indian descent but is a British citizen.
Religion & Ethnicity So, Emily Miller is brown. Her ethnicity is mixed so we exactly do not know the combination at work here. However, she is of Indian descent, even if the name sounds a bit unlikely. We do not know where her parents were born and brought up, exactly.

She is brown and yet has an English name. That itself is proof enough that she is a Christian.

Zodiac sign Aries

That was a very quick look at the details of the popular “Too Hot To Handle” contestant, Emily Miller.

Emily Miller Makeup

Well if you are here, you might have confused her with the famous makeup artist based in Manchester- Emily Miller. But worry not, while you are at it, you can know about the beauty routines and makeup hacks and reviews of this beautiful model. However, in order to do that, you need to go through her TikTok and Instagram. So, let us see what we have got there quickly.

Emily Miller’s TikTok

So, Emily Miller is a professional model, an internet sensation, and a leading media face, particularly after her stint in “Too Hot To Handle”. Therefore, it is only natural that such a personality will be there on TikTok and be immensely popular on it as well. She makes different kinds of videos on her profile. So, if you love and admire her, what are you waiting for? Check her out at the id emilyfayemiller.

Now, let us get to the numbers. If anything, they are highly admirable. So, she has a total of 65.3 million likes which is huge. On top of that, she has a total of 1.8 million followers. Moreover, she is also open to all sorts of collaborations which only enrich her profile.

Emily Miller Instagram

So, TikTok is banned in a number of countries. If you have a digital personality that you really love and admire, this can be bothering as well as frustrating. But, never mind! With Instagram reels on the table, TikTok videos are hardly any different. Moreover, most of the stars are there on Instagram and it is not banned in most countries. So, you are good. If you are an Emily Miller fan, then there is definitely good news for you. She is there on Instagram. Check her out at emilyfayemiller.

Therefore, now, let us take a quick look at the numbers which are simply skyrocketing. So, as of now, Emily Miller has made a total of 402 posts. Hence, it is clear proof that she posts very regularly. This definitely helps her gather more and more followers. Currently, she has a follower count of 2 million people which is huge. On the other hand, she only follows 1026 people. Along with these, she also has 4 highlights. Moreover, one of them is dedicated to “Too Hot To Handle” alone.

So, both her bio and feed scream the fact that she is not just beautiful but also an extremely jovial and fun person. Her bio literally reads “Baby, welcome to the party”, and that all the fun happens on Instagram and Snapchat. She is also evidently an animal lover. Coming to her posts, she really is not pretentious. From her personal to professional life, you will find everything here. There are photos from her shoots and award ceremonies as there are of her friends, travel, love life, food, and such other documentation. So, she is really the full package. Be it for steaming hot pictures or for simple warmth, hit that follow button and keep following for more!

Emily Miller Height

So now, you will be lying if you have not browsed pictures of Emily Miller by now. You must have come across photos that were once beautiful and sexy. So, you already have a rough idea of how tall she is. She is not short. However, she might not be extremely tall, like many professional models. But at the same time, you need to remember that she is not black or white caucasian. She is of brown and Indian descent. Asian, particularly brown girls might not be genetically as tall as white girls. In fact, height standards are a bit different here as well. So, you have to judge by those measures. Still, she is almost 5 feet 7 inches which is the standard marker.

Moreover, she is a model and her body is definitely her most important asset. Therefore, let us quickly go through her physical details as well.

Hair Color So, the base hair color of Emily Miller is black. But come on, she is a public figure, a model on top of that. Therefore, you can hardly expect to see her black hair. Sometimes, you might see her with a wig, sometimes with her hair dyed, and sometimes with some stunning highlights. Moreover, hair might be a part of her job as well. She might need to do or dye it depending on a project that she might be currently working on. So, a lot of factors are at work here.
Eye Color Dark brown. She indeed has beautiful eyes.
Height Feet – 5 feet 6 inches

Meters – 1.67 m

Centimeters – 167 cm

Weight In Kilograms – 50 Kg

In Pounds– 110 lbs

So now, we have gone through the physical details of Emily Miller in detail. We have also known about her professional life.

Emily Miller and Cam Holmes

So, most of the couples that come out of “Too Hot To Handle” do not work out. They soon part ways. However, that is not the case with Emily Miller and Cam Holmes. The duo had appeared on the second season of the show and had walked out together. They are still together. Moreover, they even successfully run a YouTube channel. However, that does not mean they did not have their share of difficulties. In fact, there were rumors that they had split in 2022 and their Instagram stories only validated that they were on the verge of breaking up. However, that is how love and relations work. It is 2023 and they are not just together but are also stronger than ever.

Emily Miller

They have both talked about how as ordinary human beings they too make human beings but they also look forward to the relationship. That is what keeps them going. Moreover, unlike most of these relationships, they have confirmed it is a very real and personal thing. It is not just for any PR tactics or any clout. So, they consciously decided to avoid the internet. They did not want to put up their issues on the web and make a story out of it because that was never their point.

Hence, it is no surprise that two years later they are still trying to make it work and are succeeding to a great extent.


Are Cameron and Emily still together?

So yes, Cameron Cam Holmes and Emily from the second season of “Too Hot To Handle” are still together and going on strong. They had, however, taken a short break in the early months of 2022. To know more about their relationship, scroll up and check the “Emily Miller and Cam Holmes” section.

What does Emily Miller do for a job?

So, Emily Miller is multi-talented as well as a hustler. To begin with, she is a professional model who has a running contract with FOMO Models. On top of that, she is a media face and an internet sensation, and owing to her popularity from “Too Hot To Handle” also receives frequent collaboration projects and contracts. However, it does not just end there. She is also a YouTuber because she runs a channel with her boyfriend Cam Holmes. However, most importantly, she is also an entrepreneur. She has her own shoe line, Simmi Shoes. Therefore, all these add substantially to her net worth. It hardly comes off as a surprise that she is worth a few million and she is not even thirty as of now.

Where is Emily Miller from?

So, Emily Miller took birth in 1994 to parents of Indian descent in London, United Kingdom. Moreover, she still lives in London where she is based.

Was Emily Miller accused of blackfishing?

So, let us first see what black fishing is. ‘Blackfishing’ is a term used to describe a person who alters their appearance to capitalize on racial ambiguity. Some Twitter users accused her of this when the next season of the show was announced. However, that was never the case. Emily clarified in a single sentence, “I’m Indian hun”. This is also how we come to know that she is Indian because her name does not bear many similarities to Indian names at large.

How old is Emily Miller from “Too Hot To Handle”?

Well, Emily Miller took birth on 10 April 1994. Therefore, as of February 2023, she is 28 years old, and almost going to be 29.

What is the diet of Emily Miller?

So, she has an exceptional figure which suits her modeling career really well. Therefore, she must be following a very strict diet along with her daily exercise. In an interview, Emily confirmed that she intakes a mostly plant-based diet that is rich in veggies but with a lot of animal fats.