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Kayla Jean appears on Netflix’s “Too hot to handle”. Her full name is Kayla Carter. She is a Florida native who also works as a bartender. In fact, one of Kyla’s favorite watersports was surfing waves. She is half Filipino and half American.

Season 2 of Netflix’s hit series “Too hot to handle” is now available. Of course, Kayla Carter is a new entrant. She believes in trying to kill it with kindness. But she also has a thing for bad boys. So, the only thing we want to know is if she will find love on the show? However, the only way to know is to wait and see.

Kayla Carter, the reality star from “Too Hot to Handle” season 4, has taken the world by storm. Learn more about her age, birthday, Instagram, and ethnicity, as well as her rise to fame on the hit Netflix show. Keep up with Kayla on her Instagram and discover more about this rising star!


Kayla Carter

Real name Kayla Carter
Profession Actress, model
Age 27, as of 2023
Gender Female
Boyfriend None
Tv show “Too hot to handle”


Kayla Carter stands 5 feet 7 inches tall. And, she was born on December 6, 1996, in Warwick, Maryland. Moreover, her parents are Edna Rabaya Carter and Dave Carter. Dave Carter, her father, is a business person and Housing Real Estate Analyst.

Her parents have a younger brother named Deej Carter (Dj). In fact, he is a Co-Founder/Producer at Lumakas Activewear and a Jean Expert at American Eagle.

Her parents have urged her to look into a career in modelling. So, she sets sail on this journey to discover her heritage all through high school. Kayla put up her first Instagram image on June 27, 2016. Also, she quickly outlined her splendid body shape in front of her fans.

Kayla Carter Career

Kayla Carter is a Florida model. Also, she has gained worldwide media attention for her stunning look. It has come more to light since joining the “Too hot to handle” Season 2 cast.

She will show up in this show beginning June 23rd. And, she will do it with some other people. For example, Cam Holmes, Carly Lawrence, Chase Demoor, Marvin Anthony, Nathan Webb, Emily Faye Miller, Peter Vigilante, and Larissa Trownson. She works as a bar owner instead of modelling. In fact, when she left home, her strict childhood had given her a resolute, sexy side. Prior to taking part on ““Too hot to handle” Season 2,” she mainly worked as a model for Jacksonville Magazine.

She models when she has time to fixate on herself. In fact, she is a model who wishes to move to a higher level. She aims to be famous and to have full control over her life. Of course, she  has the looks for it, so she’ll end up making it. She keeps her life in order by bartending in Florida. In fact, that is what she does when she is not modelling. She earns the money she needs between modelling gigs. And, she works hard to make sure that she can do so. When she isn’t modelling, her work allows her to meet new individuals and earn a living.

Kayla Carter Personal life

Her social media profiles reveal that she enjoys having to travel. In fact, she wants to see the world and be where the action is. She is clearly more into being on the beach and also the water than in anything else. But she is glad to see wherever and whatever she can. She hopes to travel the world, which is a laudable desire.

Also, she could be a model. Or maybe, she could be a reality tv star. However, s he may be on everyone’s radar right now. But that doesn’t mean she’s telling the earth all about herself. She is reserved and keeps totally to herself. In fact, she doesn’t reveal too much, and keeps a cryptic air about her.

If you scroll via all her social media posts, you’ll see that she frequently discusses mercy. She wants to believe in being kind and lovely. And, she wants to believe that you can’t be beautiful unless you are a great person on the inside. On that point, we agree with her.

Kayla Carter “Too hot to handle”

“Too hot to handle” is a Netflix original series following a group of sexy singletons. And, it is as they face the true test of self-control.

Anyone who defies the group’s rules of no kissing, heavy petting, or self-gratification of any sort will see the firm’s $100,000 prize reduced chunk by chunk. Of course, it comes with the chance of losing it all with every simple tap. The first ten contestants are still in the mansion. And, they have already broken a few rules. But Kayla is one of the few who has managed to stay on their top form.

Kayla Jean, rather than Kayla Carter, may be a more familiar name to you. But she is the same woman. She’s Kayla from Netflix’s ““Too hot to handle”.” And the world wants to learn more about her. She’s one of ten people who are far too hot for their own good. Also, she wants to meet people but not tap them for a month in order to win some money. She’s one of the new entries. And, now all are finding out everything we can about her.

She was the one who said it. In fact, s he has never been rejected. She finds all she wants and goes after it. Of course, she obtains it. And she is the person who is able to put an end to it. We’re obviously discussing romance here. She’s never found a man she likes who isn’t also into her right back. Of course, she’s fine with that.

Kayla Jean has a type. We’re not sure why, but she doesn’t like guys who are too clean-cut, follow the rules, or fit any type of mould. She wants anyone who can provide more than just the classic version of good guy status.

Kayla Carter “Too hot to handle” season 4

Kayla Richart’s looks wowed the “Too hot to handle” season 4 contestants, and now she’s wowing fans with her 2022 Instagram posts.

She quickly became the “Too hot to handle” season 4 “it girl.” In fact, the brunette beauty has been blowing up on social media. The Puerto Rican hottie from Los Angeles wowed nearly all of the men in the house. And, she won it with Scottish race car driver Seb Melrose as runner-up. Kayla’s Instagram is currently attracting a great deal of attention from viewers.

Of course, many of the “Too hot to handle” season 4 cast and crew have received fan interest. However, Kayla has been absolutely erupting on social media since the show’s debut. Kayla has 728K Instagram followers and counting. Of course, that is after garnering immense focus from her fellow male roomies. And, it was also after forming one of the pivotal friendships on THTH season 4. Her previous Instagram posts received tens of thousands of likes. And, it kind of depended on whether she posted images of her life or selfies. Of course, the latter was more famous among her followers. Kayla, on the other hand, is now getting six-digit likes on her latest social media content that she put up after THTH.

Kayla stated on “Too hot to handle” season 4 that she knows she is lovely and is sure in her look. The Los Angeles native enjoys modelling street wear for her fans. And, she is into flaunting her outfits on social media. Kayla recently got nearly 160K likes on a post. It depicts her dressed in a denim streetwear look that yells 1990s fashion. After filming, in many of Kayla’s comments people asked her if she was dating.

Kayla Carter facts

1) As per her social media, she also must go by Kayla Jean. She replaces her middle name for her surname.

2) She is 26 years old and originally from Florida. In fact,  Kayla is a Filipina-American as well.

3) Her “Too hot to handle” profile says she’s “never been rejected,” according to The List. So, what would happen if she got a “no” from any of the guys? We’re going to guess she wouldn’t be too happy about it.

4)Kayla is represented by the AC Talent Agency in Beverly Hills, California. Of course, s he works as a model.

5) Also, it is obvious that she has one of the largest social media fan bases of any entrant. Her Instagram account has over 25,000 followers and is still growing! She is keeping a check on her account with photos for her fans. And, they are from photoshoots, hair and beauty looks, and the like. So, if that’s your thing, surely be sure to follow her.

6) Kayla Carter is a Florida model And, she has gained worldwide media attention for her stunning appearance since joining the “Too hot to handle” Season 2 cast.

7) She will show up in this show starting on June 23rd. Here, she shows up with Cam Holmes, Chase Demoor, Melinda Berry, Carly Lawrence, Marvin Anthony, Emily Faye Miller, Peter Vigilante, Nathan Webb, and Larissa Trownson.

8) She tends to work as a bartender instead of modelling. In fact, when she left home, her strict early life had given her a brave, wild side.

9)Jean took part in Jacksonville Magazine’s Fashion Task Superheroes & Villains in 2019.

Jacksonville is one of them. She has also worked for Design company Marie Jessica King as well as VOID Swimwear.

Is “Too hot to handle” scripted?

Too hot to handle” is an unscripted film. The narrator, Desiree Burch, spoke with Convey. And they got to know that the entrants aren’t given a script, despite her role as the narrator.

When they join the show, no one is aware of the rules. And, they believe they are just there for a good time. Lana deceives the guests each season and eventually tells the game’s real intent.

Contestants appear to have no idea what show they’re going on. In fact, they told the  contestants that they were on “Too hot to handle” after possibly thinking they were on another show. Most importantly, the other show mainly involved going to parties and shagging all summer long in the first episodes of season two.

The starting prize money for the show is $200,000. And, it is double the amount from last year. However, as we said before, the prize fund is not set in stone. And, any canoodling by the contestants will result in the loss of huge parts of it.

Which couples from “Too hot to handle” are still together?

Emily and Cam were madly in love in season 2. And, fans of the show will feel great to learn that they’re still together. Emily revealed in July 2021: “We are very much in a relationship.”

Are Jawahir and Nick together?

Unfortunately, despite winning Season 4 of “Too hot to handle”, Nick and Jawahir are not together any more. Jawahir made it clear she was single. But, she was not quite ready to date in a “cast tell-all” heard by the official “Too hot to handle” Ig account in December.

Where is Kayla from ‘“Too hot to handle”’?

The couple left season four of Netflix’s new dating show “Too hot to handle” as a couple. And, they have tried their hardest to keep their flame alive since leaving the retreat. But it hasn’t been easy for Seb, from Scotland, and Kayla, from Los Angeles.

“The long range was hectic,” Seb did admit on the December 30 Reality with Will Njobvu podcast. “You’ve decided to return to normalcy. You’ve returned to reality. You are just done filming a show with a group of hot people. I ended up falling in love with a girl. And now we come back to reality.”

However, this was not a result of a lack of hard work.

What is Kayla Carter’s date of birth?

Kayla Jean Carter was born on Dec 6, 1996 in Warwick, Maryland. Thus, she is about 24 years old and a Sagittarius, as per Celebs Week.

Does Kayla like travelling?

Growing up in Florida, you are bound to enjoy the outdoors. Being a Floridian is all about being out in the sun. Or. maybe being on the water, and doing fun stuff in the sun. We Floridians love being on the water. In fact, it stands true even for a quick meal, a boat day, or just relaxing in our pools. She enjoys surfing, and it shows.

She was born in Florida, and it shows. Of course, s he was born and raised in Florida and adores her home state. Also, s he enjoys spending time outside, she enjoys the sun, and she enjoys every aspect of the state she calls home. On this show, being on the islands isn’t much different for her.

Her profiles on social media reveal that she enjoys moving. She wants to view the world and be where the action is. She is clearly more interested in the shore and the water than in anything else. But she is content to see almost anywhere and whatever she can. She wishes to travel the world, which is an admirable desire.


Who is Kayla Carter on ‘“Too hot to handle”’?

Beautiful Filipina-American woman

Kayla Jean Carter was one of the main “Too hot to handle” contestants from season two.

Also, outside of the “Too hot to handle” villa, the 26-year-old model and bartender was born and raised in Florida. Kayla is best covered by AC Talent Management. And, she has worked briefly with product lines such as Knock Out Watched and Ama Bikinis.

How old is Kayla Jean Carter?

The 24-year-old stands about 5 feet 7 inches tall. And, she is about the same as our other favorite entrant, Emily Miller.

Is Kayla from “Too hot to handle” Filipina?

Filipina-American beauty Kayla Jean Carter is one of the main people on the show on Season 2 of Netflix’s “Too hot to handle”. Outside of the “Too hot to handle” villa, the 26-year-old appears to work as a model and a bartender.

Are Kayla and Seb still together?

We found the couple’s post-show update. In fact ,they continued dating right away. Then, they also went on to visit each other in Scotland and Los Angeles. But the long distance actually got to them and they decided to part ways for a while.

Who does Kayla end up with?

Seb and Kayla gladly accept their second-place finish in Season 4. Also, they as of now describe their relation as “complicated.” But they stay faithful to their long-distance love. In fact, Kayla lives in Los Angeles, while Seb is in Scotland.