Marvin Anthony: Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Religion, Ethnicity, Nationality, Career, Too Hot To Handle, Melinda, Net Worth, Instagram, Facts & FAQs

Born on 23 March 1995, Marvin Anthony is a 28-year-old dashing fashion model. He has a strong French origin and it is very clear from his accent. Marvin is a charming, confident Parisian with insane dancing skills. In the same way as being a model and a dancer, he is also known for his versatile personality. He owns a master degree in finance and funds his own concierge business.

The stunning young gun has also played basketball for France at the highest level. After modelling for popular brands like Puma and Hugo Boss, Marvin entered Netflix’s dating reality series “Too Hot to Handle “in 2021. The show has had a pretty successful run from 2020 but in the second season, the stakes were quite higher.

Marvin is a complete man with charming smile and attractive personality. He made many connections in the house of Too Hot To Handle. Within a few episodes he was a hit amongst the fans of the show. We’ll resolve all your queries regarding your favourite contestant.

Get to know Marvin Anthony, a Love Island star, former professional basketball player, and social media influencer. Learn about his age, height, net worth, relationship status, and more, including his time on Love Island and basketball career.

Marvin Anthony Bio

Occupation Model, Social Media influencer, Reality Tv star, Entrepreneur, Actor, Basketball player, Dancer, Content creator, Media personality
Age 28 years
Birthdate 23 March 1995
Birthplace Paris, France
Residence Paris, France
Zodiac Aries
Net Worth 100 thousand USD
Qualification Master Degree in Finance
Alma mater University of Louisiana
Ethnicity Pure
Nationality French
Religion Christianity
Weight 88 kgs or 194 pounds
Height 6 feet 4 inches or 193 cm
Hair colour Black
Eye colour Black

Marvin Anthony Age, Height, Religion and Ethnicity & Nationality


Marvin Anthony was born on 23rd March, 1995 in Paris. He was born and brought up by his mother Micheline Toto, who often appears in photos posted on his social media handles. He completed his graduation from the University of Louisiana in Business Administration and Management. Later, he completed his masters in finance from Ecole de Management Leonardo de Vinci. He is 28 years of age as of 2023.

Marvin Anthony

Marvin Anthony had a good stint in modelling with his dashing physique and featured on popular fashion brands like Hugo Boss or BLEU. He rose to fame as a reality tv star when he appeared on Love Island in early 2020. The show was shelved because of Covid-19 precautions but Marvin caught everyone’s eye with his charisma. He was also a part of the French reality series Les Marseillas Vs Le Reste du Monde which aired on July 2020.


Marvin Anthony dawns an impressive height of 6 foot 4 inches which is approximately 193 cm’s. Also a basketball player, Marvin has played in the highest professional Basketball league of France. His towering physique and height really come in handy when he’s on the court. He has around 1.5 million people following him on Instagram and he loves to flaunt his height. Marvin even has his height mentioned on his Instagram bio.


On Saturday, 23rd March 1995, Marvin Anthony was born to his mother Micheline Toto in  Paris, France. He grew up in Paris as he finished his schooling and graduation there. Afterward he completed his masters in Finance and became a leading Entrepreneur. Likewise, to his mother, Marvin also practices Christianity. We can often see them together in his Instagram photos.


Marvin Anthony was born and brought up in Paris and that makes him a proper and sensual French guy. His roots are deeply placed in Paris as he lives there with his mother and his other family members. Marvin is purely French and boasts a pretty strong French accent while he speaks. Hence, this was a part of his charming demeaner on the whole while he was on the reality Tv show Too Hot To Handle.


Marvin Anthony was born in Paris on 23rd March, 1995 and is 28 years of old now. He is a proud Parisian and it is quite evident with his accent. Marvin is a French citizen and currently lives on Paris with his mother. He completed his schooling and masters from different schools and universities in Paris itself, which truly makes him a subject of pride for all French people.


Marvin Anthony was born on 23rd March, 1995 and is a 28 year old, with Aries as his Zodiac sign. He hails from France and in the same way like other Aries people he is a passionate, motivated and confident person. For example-Marvin started his own business and his own company in 2019 after finishing his masters in Finance. This makes him a strong and determined leader who focuses on building his own community.

Marvin Anthony Net Worth

Marvin Anthony is quite a popular face when it comes to reality TV and modelling. His main source of income comes through his modelling gigs in top fashion brands like BLEU and Hugo Boss. Simultaneously Marvin has also established himself as a leading Entrepreneur as he set up his first company in 2019 and started his concierge business. His net worth according to us is around 100 $ USD. He is still a popular face in reality tv and social media platforms.

Marvin Anthony and Melinda Melrose

Marvin Anthony joined the second season of Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle with a lot of confidence and charisma. He was quite determined in providing a good adult viewing experience for fans of the show all over the world. Nonetheless his attractive personality and physique gave him a head start, his initial days in the house were difficult.

Marvin Anthony

Marvin realised besides six-pack certain other factors are required to build connections. However, he got lucky when Melinda Melrose, another leading contestant of the show laid her eyes on him. They quickly caught the attention of the fans and became season favourites. While staying in the house, Marvin and Melinda looked warm together and had a pretty good chemistry. Marvin even took home a prize money of $55,000 for his emotional growth and the efforts he put in his relationship.

Marvin and Melinda left the house as the favourite couple but soon split up outside. According to reports, Marvin struggled with commitment issues. This had been an ongoing problem since his days in the house. They had frequent fights and finally decided to part their ways on July 2021. Melinda moved on and started dating Peter Vigilante, another contestant from the show. On the other hand Marvin appears to be single from his Instagram as he stays in Paris. His fans feel that he might give reality tv shows another chance to find his partner.

Marvin Anthony Instagram

Marvin Anthony is a very popular face on both reality TV and social media platforms. He is present on almost all of the leading social media platforms. Marvin’s Instagram username is marvin.anthony_ .

The famous model has around 1.4 million followers on Instagram and we see him sharing photos and videos playing basketball or modelling for different brands. Recently Marvin shared a stream of photos with his mother showing their beautiful bond.

Marvin Anthony Girlfriend

Marvin Anthony has every single quality that a young, handsome, French guy should possess. In fact he is an Aries which makes him a great human who is confident and likeable. In the house of “Too hot to Handle” Marvin fell for his co contestant Melinda Melrose. Both of them shared a great chemistry on screen and soon became fan favourites. He showed great emotional support to Melinda throughout the show, but there were some problems.

Marvin suffered with commitment issues and was often jealous of seeing Melinda communicating with other guys. The tussle grew stronger once they left the show as there were reports of frequent fights. It is said that allegedly, Marvin cancelled a couple trip to Mexico because of a serious fight. Later, things kept getting tense and they finally went on their own ways. This news was confirmed on a reunion episode of the show on 2nd July,2022.

Melinda moved on pretty quick and started dating another member of the house, Peter Vigilante. On the contrary Marvin is still single and giving himself time.

Marvin Anthony Education

Marvin has a pretty strong record in the educational field in contrast to his fellow influencers, or his peers in the house. He was born and brought up in Paris. Being a Parisian, he gave good education more priority than good looks in his early days. He completed his schooling from a local school. He was an intelligent student and completed his graduation from University of Louisana.

Nonetheless to his modelling gigs and basketball he had his eye out for education. He finished his master degree in Finance from Ecole de Management Leonarde De Vinci. This really came in handy as Marvin Anthony is credited as one of the youngest entrepreneurs who started his own company in 2019. He also owns, funds and runs a highly profitable concierge business.

Marvin Anthony Family

Marvin Anthony has his roots dug deep in Paris. He was born and brought up in Paris by his mother Micheline Toto. Marvin often shares pictures of his mother showcasing the heavenly bond they have. Moreover, he has his entire family based in Paris. Since he is allegedly single, he stays with his mother.

Marvin Anthony career pre “Too Hot To Handle”

Marvin Anthony was a quite a popular name in the modelling industry before he appeared on the sensational reality tv show “Too Hot to Handle “. He gets an advantage in the industry because of his well chiselled and towering physique. Therefore, he signed profitable modelling deals with giants like Puma and BLEU. In the same way Marvin was also featured as a top model on Hugo Boss.

After gaining huge popularity he went on to participate in the first season of Love Island France. He was one of the few faces people remembered after the show was called off. Afterward he also took part in another show named “Les Princes et les Princesses de I’Amour”( The Prince and Princesses of Love, namely).

He’s still a hot shot in the modelling industry, post his popular run on Too hot to Handle. His fans are even eagerly waiting for him to appear on another reality tv show to win their hearts.

Marvin Anthony Unknown Facts

  • Marvin has a YouTube channel with around 3k followers and is working hard to set it up and make it successful.
  • He is a proper fashionista and likewise loves dressing up. He has a great eye for trying out new outfits. Accordingly, it’s one of his key factors that women can’t resist
  • Marvin loves the adrenaline pump through his veins hence truly enjoys adventures sports. He travels all over the world to witness all kinds of exciting things. He is often seen posting holiday pictures on Instagram.
  • Marvin is in fact available on TikTok where his account has about 190000 followers. He keeps his fans happy by posting regularly.


Is Marvin Anthony a part of Too Hot to Handle?

Marvin was a part of Netflix’s adult reality TV show Too Hot to Handle. The show had a successful first season and the makers wanted the hype in the same way. Hence, Marvin was a part of the second season of the show in 2021.

What happened between Melinda and Marvin?

Marvin Anthony built up a strong emotional connection with Melinda Melrose during his time in the show. Their fiery chemistry made them fan favourites within a few episodes. Even they were together when they left the show and their fans were happy. However, it is now confirmed that Marvin and Melinda have broken up.

Did Marvin dump Melinda?

Marvin and Melinda had a good going during the show and were one of the most hyped-up couples, however there were some underlying problems. Marvin was often found to be jealous of Melinda talking other guys. He also suffered from commitment issues. He completely dropped contact with Melinda and cancelled their Mexico trip after a serious fight. Finally, they broke up and went on separate ways.

What shows are Marvin Anthony known for?

Marvin is a popular model and has gained his fan following with shows like Or Noir (2022), Whitstable Pearl (2021) and later appeared on Netflix’s popular reality TV show Too Hot To Handle.

Did Marvin share money with Melinda?

Marvin took home a large amount of $55000 when the show finally finished, for his emotional understanding with Melinda during the show. However, they broke up few months after the show ended. In spite of sharing a great bond on the show, Marvin didn’t share a part of his winning money with Melinda.