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Georgia Hassarati is a model from Australia. She has previously worked with a number of fashion businesses. She rose to worldwide prominence after appearing in the third season of the reality show Too Hot To Handle. The TV show was released on Netflix and launched on January 19, 2022. Georgia Hassarati was born in Sunshine, Australia on December 5, 1995. Her parents and siblings’ identities have not yet been revealed to the public. She posts images of her mum on social media. She opted to pursue a modelling profession at an early age. Georgia must have finished high school, but she has not disclosed any facts.

Discover Georgia Hassarati’s age, height, and nationality, as well as her relationship with Harry Jowsey, her time on Too Hot to Handle, and more. Stay updated on her latest Instagram and TikTok content.

Georgia Hassarati Bio/Wiki

Georgia Hassarati

Real Name Georgia Hassarati
First Name Georgia
Last Name Hassarati
Job Model and Influencer
Nationality Australian
City of Birth Georgia
Country of Birth Australia
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Sagittarius
Relationship Status Single
Boyfriend Stevan Ditter
Siblings Emma Jayne
Height 168 cm
Weight 52 Kg
Net Worth (As of 2023) 2 Million US Dollars (Approx.)
Date of Birth 5th December 1995
Age 26 years

Georgia Hassarati Career

So, Georgia Hassarati began her career as a social media influencer and model. She has modelled for companies such as Dyson Hair, Lounge Underwear, KIND, and Curated K.T. She has flaunted her fashion talents and uploaded trip photos on social media as a social media influencer. In 2021, she appeared in the third season of the series Too Hot to handle.

On that dating game TV show, she competed against nine other people. Because the candidates are notorious for having one-night hookups, they are unable to develop long-term relationships. With this as the premise, the candidates must emotionally connect with their restive companions.

Georgia Hassarati Family

She has three stunning sisters, Savannah Louise, Priscilla Hassarati, and Emma Jayne, who are all reality TV stars. Her mother’s name is Suzanne Louise. She is an ambitious woman who achieves success in her career. Since Georgia’s father is unknown, I assume that she reared her four daughters. This model had an extremely tight bond with her brothers as a child, and they were inseparable. Savannah is active on social media, and on September 29, 2021, she celebrated turning 23. Her older sister Priscilla and her husband Samuel Jordan Funu are a happy couple. She resides in Maroochydore, Queensland, with her spouse and their two children. Although Emma Jayne has an IG account named @emm. But there are no online bios for her. In terms of race, Georgia is of Australian and Lebanese descent.

Georgia Hassarati On Too Hot Too Handle

Many fans of the reality TV dating competition series Too Hot to Handle have now watched season 3 and newcomer Georgia Hasrati has seen her star rise since participating in the hit Netflix show. Georgia, like season 1’s Francesca Farago and season 2’s Emily Miller, is reaping the benefits of rapid internet fame. Find out what Georgia, the Australian beauty, has been up to after her appearance on Too Hot To Handle, and whether or not she has found love since shooting. Every season of “Too Hot To Handle” has included an “it-girl,” and Georgia is the most recent cast member to fascinate viewers.

Georgia Hassarati

The brunette beauty captivated the males in the house, particularly Harry Johnson, Stevan Ditter, and Patrick Mullen. Georgia ended her relationship with Stevan, and her romance with newcomer Gerrie Labuschagne fizzled as he got too focused on the future. Georgia, a chronic commitment phobe, abandons relationships as soon as they become too serious. This hasn’t prevented guys from falling for her, even though there’s a significant possibility she’ll shoot them down. Georgia from Too Hot To Handle has seen her Instagram follower count skyrocket since shooting Too Hot To Handle. She began the season with 60K Instagram followers and now has 780K @georgiahassarati followers. Georgia’s increased internet profile now provides her with a plethora of Instagram chances.

So, she has previously made extra money through paid collaborations, and she frequently collaborates with local Australian businesses. While Georgia is a patriotic Australian, she has been travelling a lot since Season 3 was broadcast. Georgia had to remain silent about the show for quite some time, away from her fellow cast members. Because Too Hot To Handle seasons 2 and 3 were recorded back-to-back over a year ago.

More Details

Georgia has become the life of the party now that she can see her colleagues Too Hot To Handle cast mates. She’s been busy partying at numerous cast parties, where she’s met previous Too Hot To Handle cast members including Emily and season 2 winner Marvin Anthony.

Fans of the franchise were concerned that Georgia might let the famed French womaniser to date her, but she looks to be as unmarried as ever. Georgia has a bright and flirtatious Instagram, but she doesn’t appear to be dating anybody right now. Georgia, on the other hand, appears to be particularly good friends with her fellow season 3 cast member Olga Bednarska. They have similar lives that include a lot of partying and travelling. Georgia is clearly making the most of her Too Hot To Handle celebrity, as she appreciates her increased fan base and the opportunity to meet other franchise castmates.

Georgia Hassarati

Though some fans have speculated that Georgia and her former friend Izzy Fairthorne are feuding since Izzy did not vote for Georgia to win, Georgia looks to be one of the most popular and well-liked season 3 cast members overall. Fans of Too Hot To Handle will have to wait and watch if Georgia follows in the footsteps of many of her previous cast mates and relocates to Los Angeles, or if she chooses to stay in Australia despite her newfound internet stardom.

Georgia Hassarati and Harry Jowsey

Don’t be fooled by social media: Harry Jowsey’s “picture-perfect” romance with fellow “Too Hot To Handle” graduate Georgia Hassarati isn’t always “sunshine and rainbows.” Jowsey, 25, said in an exclusive interview with Page Six that the Australians’ romance has been “very challenging.” “She probably wouldn’t want me to say that,” he said, “but it’s been really difficult.” Jowsey, who relocated from Queensland to Los Angeles after landing a breakout part on Netflix’s first season of “THTH,” said in an interview that he and the 26-year-old brunette beauty, who comes from Brisbane and rose to popularity on Season 3, had been “official” for four months.

While the genetically lucky pair spent three-quarters of that time together in Jowsey’s LA apartment, Hassarati returned to their native country about a month before our chat with her blue-eyed partner. The distance, according to Jowsey, was a huge issue for the couple because they share the same two love languages: quality time and physical contact. “We take things away, and we have all this gap between us,” he explained. “There are so many variables. I know my audience wants to hear that everything is always sunny and rainbows, but it isn’t. It’s quite tough to have something that is far away.”

More Details

“Thank God I’m leaving tomorrow to go visit her, but the distance… It’s been incredibly demanding on our relationship since we don’t speak on the same frequency if that makes sense. “Like, she needs a couple of days to calm down, and I need to go through whatever the problem is right soon so it doesn’t get too bad,” he continued. “So we had a lot of challenges to overcome.” The duo’s most recent “obstacle” had happened just hours before our conversation. “As of this morning, she wasn’t pleased with me since I uploaded a dumb TikTok that I hadn’t considered, but we talked on the phone and laughed about it, so everything’s fine!”

With an apparently uneasy smile, Jowsey replied, leading us to query about the TikTok in question. “It was around 5 a.m., and I posted this stupid TikTok with screenshots of my DMs with Hailee Steinfeld just exposing myself a year ago. “I was cringey,” the reality star admitted. “It was simply something to joke about in retrospect.” The video featured Jowsey reminiscing about his previous Instagram encounters with the 25-year-old singer-actress, including his seductive greeting that was answered with her swift “nah.” Not a fan of the unprecedented Steinfeld-stan vitriol that ensued, the self-described “class clown” promptly posted “a number of draughts to bury [that video] down [his] page a little bit.”

More Details

In the process, he “uploaded a draft with the girl [he] used to see.” “[Hassarati] didn’t enjoy it,” Jowsey said, without identifying whose ex was in the now-deleted video. “And I was like, ‘You know what, in retrospect, I wouldn’t enjoy it if you did that, so please accept my apologies.'” “I know everyone wants it to be this Instagram-perfect Hollywood coupling,” he said. “‘No, no — we’re trying to figure it out,’ I say. You have no idea. ‘We’re worse than you!'” Jowsey hopes to add rom-com star to his varied résumé, which includes modelling, generating amusing social media content, and assisting a local homeless guy with cancer.

He signed with WME in June and told Page Six that his aim is to be the next Ashton Kutcher (he’d want to resurrect “Punk’D”) or Kevin Hart. When asked who he’d choose as his love interest on the big or small screen, he immediately thought of “Outer Banks” actor Madelyn Cline. “I feel like Madelyn Cline because she’s just fantastic,” Jowsey added, laughing endearingly nervously. “I believe she’s quite incredible.” He went on to say that the other Netflix personality, 24, “seems like so much fun.”

Georgia Hassarati and Shakin Steven

‘Too Hot to Handle,’ a Netflix reality dating series, can only be defined as a spicy reality dating series that straddles sensuality and naughtiness at every turn. After all, despite the fact that it follows a group of flirtatious singles as they strive to form emotional bonds without physical contact, the outcomes are not always predictable. Casual hookups, the fear of commitment, and personal icks are just a few of the obstacles that season 3’s Georgia and Stevan faced. But now, if you want to learn more about this duo’s involvement and present situation, we’ve got the information for you.

Georgia Hassarati

Georgia Hassarati had already stated that she was drawn to “bad lads” with an edge, so it came as no surprise when she gravitated towards Stevan Ditter (and his severely tattooed torso) on day one. The fact that he was the first to approach her and express his desire had pushed them closer, which didn’t appear to waver even when Patrick Mullen or Harry Johnson entered the picture for her. Georgia not only shared a bed with Stevan, but she also embraced his advances, which finally led to a lip lock that cost the entire group $6,000.

However, Stevan justified the kiss by telling his fellow castmates that he made the move to show Georgia that he was invested – something she didn’t enjoy. Exclusivity, open affection, and emotional attachment were not for her, so she began to withdraw until Stevan questioned her directly what was going on. That’s when she dragged her feet for a bit before confessing she wanted them to look into other choices as well. He was taken aback, but he quickly moved on to Olga, while Georgia turned to Gerrie, only for both of their relationships to collapse as well.

More Details

After their romance ended, there was a brief moment of unease between Georgia and Stevan, but they quickly got back into the groove and actually grew closer than before. Without any expectations or fears, they grew more at ease with one other, prompting them to look past the person’s features and discover who they are. As a result, when Georgia discovered she had technically manipulated Stevan, she apologised from the bottom of her heart, which he received with open arms. In summary, they formed a bond that drove them to become better people, although indirectly.

“I am thankful that, after how I treated things, you still allowed me in, and you saw past that,” Georgia had further added, to which Stevan answered, “You’re too hilarious not to let in, okay? You go around like a meerkat in this house, okay?” And, as far as we can tell, despite their geographical distance, this pleasant and enticing bond between them exists until today. The best example of this can be seen in one of the Los Angeles-based model/recent DJ’s Instagram images, which he captioned, “can’t cast shade on my name when you used to moan it,” evidently frustrated with his name being misspelt. After all, the Australian influencer’s response merely states, “You are one of a kind Steve,” omitting his name on purpose.

Georgia Hassarati Height & Stats

This girl stands 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm) tall, which emphasises her gorgeous figure. She weighs around 57 kilograms (125 lbs). She eats a well-balanced diet and avoids all types of sugar. Her physical dimensions are 36-24-36 inches, and she wears a 32D bra. She allegedly underwent cosmetic surgery to improve her appearance. Her gorgeous green eyes and strong brows are among her best features. Georgia’s hair is dark brown in colour.


Georgia Hassarati

  • Georgia has yet to be in a serious love relationship because she is terrified of commitment. This might be the outcome of a traumatic event in the past.
  • This model acknowledges in the TV show that she has dated several men in the past and that she gets bored with one person rapidly.
  • Georgia’s younger sister, Savannah Louise, and she are exceptionally close. Savannah once stole her passport in order to flee, according to a childhood story she shared. Savannah Louise was underage at the time.
  • Savannah even accidentally jabbed her in the eye with a fork when she was a toddler.
  • She has over 977K followers on her TikTok account, @georgiahassarati, and she is quite active there.
  • Georgia is a brave individual who likes sports such as hiking, trekking, and surfing.
  • This model likes travelling a lot, and her job allows her to visit many different places.
  • Hassarati collects gold rings and chains because she enjoys wearing jewellery.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Georgia From ‘Too Hot To Handle’?

Georgia Hassarati is a 26-year-old Australian native who presently resides in Brisbane. Georgia is now training to become a midwife, which is a trained professional that cares for moms and infants during childbirth. Fans couldn’t possibly adore Georgia any more than they already do! Georgia is a social media influencer who is studying to become a midwife. Her Instagram has 977k followers and is always growing. Her Instagram handle had over 100,000 followers prior to her participation on Too Hot To Handle. With her burgeoning celebrity from reality television, brand agreements and collaborations are only going to get bigger.

How old is Georgia Hassarati from Too Hot to Handle season 3?

Georgia Hassarati, from Season 3 of Too Hot to Handle, is 26 years old. In Brisbane, the Australian beauty is learning to be a midwife. Netflix claims the following: “Georgia is easily bored and moves swiftly. She enjoys nothing more than travelling the world, leaving a trail of shattered hearts in her wake.” Georgia is also hunting for a bad boy and claims to have a celebrity crush on Justin Bieber. Georgia’s Instagram handle is @georgiahassarati.

Which Actress Was Georgia Hassarati Compared To?

Georgia was compared to the same actress by everyone. Her fans instantly recognised her and compared her to A-list celebs, most notably Margot Robbie. One viewer even claimed to be Margot’s sister, alleging that this is why all men are madly in love with Georgia. Others, though, contended that they must have had a strong familial resemblance.

Are Georgia and Steven still together?

“We’re friends now and we’re wonderful, and she’s amazing, and she’ll always be someone so vital and dear to me,” Stephen remarked, despite the fact that he and Georgia are no longer together. “I created the tune in about 10 minutes in May, and then I worked up a voice memo and emailed it over to her,” he recounted.

What is the net worth of Georgia?

Georgia’s major source of income is her professional employment as a midwife. Georgia’s other sources of income include modelling, brand ads, promotion efforts, and so on. Georgia uses her social media accounts to promote numerous businesses and goods. Georgia makes additional money online as a social media influencer. She gets a decent living through a variety of sources. Her net worth is around $2 million USD as of 2023. She lives a lavish lifestyle. She has a rich and enjoyable life.