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Beaux Raymond is a well-known model, legal secretary, reality show winner, media face, influencer, and social media celebrity from London, England. She is well-known in her country as a result of her appearance in the popular reality show ‘Too Hot to Handle‘ Season 3. This show was premiered by Netflix. People are crazy over her because of her stunning appearance. According to official records, she received the gift alongside her partner Harry Johnson. She can also work as an authorised secretary. She is a beauty mannequin and has posted some of her modelling footage on Instagram. In this article, we are talking about this star. Get to know Beaux Raymond, including her age, birthday, net worth, relationship status with Harry Johnson, and more. Also learn the meaning behind his unique name and explore his TikTok and Wikipedia pages.

Beaux Raymond Bio/Wiki

Beaux Raymond

Full Real Name Beaux Raymond.
Date of Birth 1997.
Age (as of 2023) 24 years old
Place of Birth London, England, United Kingdom.
Current Residence Kent, England, United Kingdom.
Net worth USD 1-2 million (approx.).
Education Graduate.
Profession Legal Secretary, model, and television personality.
School/College Private School in England.
Ethnicity White.
Religion Christianity.
Nationality British.
Height (approx.) In Feet Inches: 5′ 4″.
Weight (approx.) In Kilograms: 54 kg.

Beaux Raymond Birth

So, Beaux Raymond was born in 1997 in London, England. She is also a really kind individual who enjoys herself and her family members. But she wants to keep his family details private. She has not disclosed any information about her family. Besides, she has not been as effective in sharing the names of her parents. Similarly, she has not yet shared any video of her father or mother. After some investigation, we discovered that his father owns a business and his mother is also involved in it.

Nonetheless, Beaux chose to model since she does not want to be involved in her family’s business. Beaux siblings are also quite helpful. Similarly, she has not given any information about them till now. She has not yet shared her images. She doesn’t want the spotlight to intrude on her family’s private lives, and we respect her and their privacy.

Beaux Raymond Career

Beaux said that she works as a legal secretary. She has been working as a legal secretary in Kent, England for the past several years. Her responsibility is to help solicitors and attorneys. She is also a model who has worked with several well-known brands and fashion designers. Aside from that, she was well-known for her role in the third season of Netflix’s reality programme Too Hot to Handle. The programme premiered in the year 2022 on January 19th. She and her colleague participant Harry Johnson won the show. They were awarded $90,000 as prize money. However, the entire prize money granted was 200 thousand US dollars, but it dwindled day by day until they barely had 90 thousand US dollars in hand.

Beaux Raymond Net Worth

Beaux doesn’t need to reveal too much about her personal life. She also received her primary education in a community college in London. Besides, she went to high school and graduated from a prestigious high school. She has enrolled at a prestigious college for further education. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree from there. Nonetheless, the specifics of her education and training are largely unknown to us.

Beaux Raymond

Beaux Raymond has a branded residence. She lives a luxury lifestyle and makes a lot of money. She dresses in designer clothes and expensive equipment. Her lifestyle is that of a Hollywood actress. She makes money from modelling, social media, promotions, legal secretary, television shows, and model commercials. According to certain estimates, the rough estimate of Beaux’s net worth might be 1 to 2 million US dollars.

Beaux Raymond & Harry Johnson

Every event occurs for a purpose. During season 3 of Too Hot to Handle, Harry Johnson and Beaux Raymond fell in love and went on to win $90,000 on the Netflix reality programme. During the reunion, fans learnt that the couple had broken up. “I don’t have any regrets about the show,” Beaux, 24, told in an interview with Weekly exclusively earlier this month. “I think I’m delighted with what I did on the show. Also, I wouldn’t alter anything since it would not have been me. But, in the end, if that hadn’t happened, something else may not have happened.” In retrospect, Harry, 29, agreed with his ex. “I’m quite pleased with how everything turned out,” he said.

“I feel like there was a lot of closure at the end for everybody. Everyone handled everything extremely well, and whether things went south, north, or any other direction, everyone managed to come out of it pleased, continuously being themselves and not having to fake anything, which I believe is the nicest part about it. I wouldn’t change anything if I could.” Beaux and Harry had a slow-burning romance throughout the season, beginning as friends before becoming more. “When he initially stepped in, he wasn’t as tight,” Beaux said of her costar’s first impression.

More Details

“Obviously, he was great looking, and I guess it was when we started to get into bed together, we had pillow talk [and] we just became closer and closer as days went by. And it’s most likely when he says, essentially, I like you. And then I was like, well, we had our first date and everything like that. So, sure, every day was new for us, and we steadily improved.” Meanwhile, Harry stated that the show forced him to extend beyond his comfort zone. “I believe it all happened fairly organically,” he told us.

“Obviously, I think the biggest issue for me on the programme was I was coming out [of] my shell, but I wasn’t letting my guard down completely. And it’s something I’ve always done. So, obviously, talking to the lads and performing the seminars made me realise that you can’t stay trapped in your habits forever. I hadn’t had a romance in three years. I normally opt for the same sort of female, in terms of appearance, and I decided to quit being superficial and get to know someone on a deeper level. And we simply kept getting better and better. So I reasoned, why not devote my attention to this girl? That’s exactly what I did.”

More Details

Beaux was initially unsure she could follow the series’ restrictions concerning intimacy, but she finally learned that it was “very pleasant to genuinely get to know someone without sleeping with them.” While Harry was “100%” there to have fun, he also took advantage of the chance to “develop as a person.” “If one of us wanted to kiss or sleep with the other, we’d counsel each other about it,” Beaux remembered. “But we just [came] to [the] conclusion there’s no purpose in wasting money.

I mean, if someone else needs the money or whatever, but it’s irritating when you see another couple in the retreat doing things and me and Harry, like, it’s so hard not to, especially when you truly like someone. I mean, we had an emotional connection, and then the sexual tension grew stronger and stronger.” The TV celebrities completed the season as a pair but announced their breakup during the Wednesday, January 26 reunion. In the Instagram video, Harry revealed that he and Beaux “speak every day” and are open to reconciliation, but they “struggled a lot with the distance.”

Beaux Raymond & Too Hot Too Handle

Beaux Raymond also appeared in the third season of ‘Too Hot to Handle,’ a popular Netflix television drama. The show premiered on January 19, 2022 (Wednesday). According to news, she won the show with Harry Johnson. They were awarded USD 90,000 in prize money. The overall prize money for this season was USD 200k, however it dwindled day by day until they only received USD 90k.

Beaux Raymond

Beaux Raymond from Too Hot To Handle is gaining popularity because of her seductive Instagram. Her low-key intensity and remarkable ability to obey the rules garnered her followers. Beaux and Harry Johnson began the season as friends. Their relationship, however, blossomed into much more as time passed. Harry recognised he had serious feelings for Beaux after spending so much time together and having one extremely costly kiss, and he asked her to be his partner. At the end of their Too Hot To Handle season, Beaux and Harry became boyfriend and girlfriend. The pair eventually won the $90,000 prize pool. They did, however, announce at the reunion that they eventually parted ways.

Despite the fact that they both live in the United Kingdom, they did not pursue their relationship full-time at first. A public drunken outburst on a plane flight with Jackson Mawhinney may have ruined their romance on the way home. When asked if they planned to renew their romance during the reunion, they stated it wasn’t out of the question. Recently, the couple was seen on a date in London. Maybe seeing the season brought back all the feelings. Beaux is gaining more attention than before, thanks to her victory and her gorgeous relationship. Beaux’s social media is capturing the attention of a large number of admirers, and the media business is taking notice.

More Details

According to news, Beaux has signed with Neon Management and has gotten a slew of influencer offers. In early February, Beaux and Harry attended a workplace party. The two reality stars appear to have gone a long way since the Too Hot To Handle season 2 reunion. Beaux’s Instagram bio now mentions Neon Management as well as her Too Hot To Handle season 3 experience. It also says, “I’m different, and that’s better than being flawless,” and the Internet agrees. Harry posed with Beaux once again for a Valentine’s Day post. Boux Avenue, a London-based lingerie business, provided her with a bra and panty pair. On February 14, Beaux uploaded a second series of solo images promoting the company’s Valentine’s collection.

Beaux’s efforts to market herself and Too Hot To Handle appear to be paying well, and lucrative possibilities should continue to come her way. Beaux’s internet dreams are only getting started, with 571,000 followers and counting. She appears to be more than ready to profit on her Netflix experience, and she’s brought Harry along for the journey. Fans of Too Hot To Handle may see more of Beaux hosting a future reunion, but if not, they’ll be returning to her Instagram for more of her lovely images and positive thoughts.

Beaux Raymond Boyfriend

Beaux Raymond is a beautiful and skillful mannequin. She recently revealed in an interview that she has previously been in relationships with other people. She said that she didn’t have much luck with relationships and was never able to locate a suitable mate for herself. For the time being, she has not revealed the identity of any of her previous partners. She has recently been quite close with her fellow contender Harry Johnson. They were both seen together during the show in a variety of locales, and they were also kissing one another. The fans want to know if they are still together or if they have broken up after the show. Keep reading to know about this topic.

Are Beaux Raymond and Harry Johnson Still Together?

Harry and Beaux are no longer together, having split up after returning home from the retreat and resuming their usual lives. They declared their split in an Instagram video uploaded by Too Hot to Handle a week after the concert finished. Harry elaborated: “Our relationship status is now single, but we communicate every day. Who knows what could occur? We haven’t seen each other yet, obviously… We battled a lot with the distance, and when we returned to the UK, we were completely shut down.” “Never say never,” he continued, and Beaux agreed. After building a love relationship just a few episodes into season 3, Harry and Beaux undoubtedly grew from strength to strength throughout their time in the retreat.

Those who made it to the finish will be aware that Harry and Beaux went on to win the series, taking home the remaining $90,000 cash prize as the only pair in the final. The two are still in daily communication despite their breakup, with Beaux telling us: “I mean, it was funny because when he first walked in I didn’t really fancy him so it was crazy that every day you’re building up that connection and from then we just went closer and closer. “We’re still in touch a lot; he’s incredible; he’s practically the male equivalent of me.”

More Details

Meanwhile, Harry revealed that he and Beaux had a stronger bond during their time at the retreat, telling us: “Obviously you’ve always got in the back of your mind people coming in what may happen, so we sorta got near but obviously we were a bit concerned so, but I believe that demonstrated whether we would stick it out or not. “Obviously, if you can go through something, it brings you closer together, so I believe that was a major milestone for us.”

Social Media

So, Beaux is active on numerous social media platforms as a model and influencer. She is active on Instagram as @beauxraymond_ and has around 551K followers, which will grow in the next few months. Beaux also creates Tik Tok videos, which she shares to her account @beauxraymond x. She is not on Facebook or Twitter.


Besides, she was born in 1997, however her actual birthdate is unknown at this moment. Beaux Raymond will be 26 years old in 2023. She is of British nationality and English descent. Beaux Raymond is 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 51 kg. Her eyes are hazel, and her hair is blonde.


Beaux Raymond

Beaux and Harry, as well as Jackson ‘Matthew,’ were detained and fined £3000 for their aggressive behaviour on the aircraft back to their own UK following filming in February 2021. According to reports, when the three were required to wear a face mask as part of the continuing COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, they used hostile language towards British Airways flight crew members at various moments. Beaux used derogatory language after being denied booze. When they pulled her tray away, she yelled at them, stating that if they didn’t know she was a secretary, she would fire them. Beaux and Harry received multiple red flags for their degree of closeness on the board. The case was then taken to court, and they were detained as soon as the plane touched down and ordered to pay £3000 for their actions.


  • She made an amazing landing on this reality programme on January 19 with her local country singer Harry Johnson.
  • Before her final appearance on “Too Hot To Handle,” Beaux made news for cursing British Airways employees in February 2021.
  • She drinks healthy juices to improve the health of her pores and skin.
  • Besides, she usually drinks alcohol at parties.
  • She enjoys discovering new places and sampling new foods.
  • On her wrist, she has a little tattoo.
  • She travels to great destinations.
  • She has agreed to the terms of the deal with the Neon administration.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Beaux Raymond and how old is she?

Beaux is a 24-year-old Londoner from Kent.

What is the Instagram handle of Beaux Raymond?

Beaux may be found on Instagram at instagram as beauxraymond_, where she posts pictures of her luxurious life on rooftops and in expensive automobiles.

What exactly is Beaux Raymond’s job?

So, Beaux is a legal secretary, but according to her Instagram, she has an agency, so we doubt she’ll be returning to her law company very soon.

Beaux Raymond describes herself in what way?

Beaux defines herself as having “a bit of a wild side” and no filter. She would rather have a man with a little something to cling onto than a toned, handsome lad who is preoccupied with the gym.

On Too Hot to Handle, who is Beaux Raymond connected to?

So, Beaux is connected to Harry, a tree surgeon from Middlesbrough, and the two share a bed from the start of the episode. Although Harry, like many of the boys in the villa, first has affections for Georgia, his feelings for Beaux deepen.

What is the net worth of Beaux?

Beaux Raymond has recently begun her modelling career; she is a diligent young lady who will perform well in the coming months. She will become more well-known, famous, and wealthy in the future. So, her current net worth is believed to be 1 million dollars, according to sources.