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Jackson Mawhinney was born in England in 1993. He is a reality show celebrity. Jackson is also a reality TV character, a model, an influencer, as well as a social media sensation. He was born in London, England, in the United Kingdom. He is a reality tv star as well as social media figure. Jackson rose to prominence after appearing in the third season of “Too Hot to Handle” Season 3. He appeared in the sixth episode and won the hearts of the public with his lovely nature. As a result of this exposure, he now has over 90,000 followers on his verified Instagram account. He is one of several participants that competed in Season 3 of “Too Hot to Handle”. Other participants are Gerry Labuschagne as well as Brianna Giscombe.

Let me inform you that in 2021, he was fined £3000 for misbehaving with flight attendants. He was travelling with Harry Johnson and Beaux Raymond, both of whom were fined for their actions. Fans of Too Hot To Handle are curious about Jackson Mawhinney’s parents. It is after their son named them while angrily attacking airline crew.

Jackson Mawhinney

Get to know everything about Jackson Mawhinney, including his age, height, parents, birthday, mother, and more. Learn about the incident that happened with Jackson on a plane and his appearance on the reality show “Too Hot to Handle.” Discover information about his school, dad, LinkedIn profile, and relationship with Izzy Fairthorne.


Mawhinney, being a quiet person, has not revealed many details about his personal life. Even after perusing his social media profile, we are unable to identify his exact date of birth. He is said to be 29 years old. According to this, he was born in 1993 in London, England, in the United Kingdom. He also spent some of his childhood in the Caribbean.

According to rumours, his true name is Matthew Mawhinney. He attended a prominent school for his primary schooling. He was later accepted to and graduated from a respected high school. According to web sources, he earned a bachelor’s degree from a reputable college. His educational institutions’ names, however, are not yet known.

Jackson Mawhinney Birthday

Even after studying his social media profiles, we are unable to identify his exact birth date. Jackson Mawhinney was reportedly born in London, UK, in 1993. This information is gathered in accordance with our sources.

Jackson Mawhinney Age

Jackson Mawhinney, from Season 3 of Too Hot to Handle, is 29 years old. In 2023, he will turn 30 years old. Jackson is a model from London in the United Kingdom. He’s worked on campaigns for Mulberry as well as Hugo Boss. Jackson may be found on Instagram as @jacksonmawhinney.

Jackson Mawhinney School

He received his primary education at a prestigious London institution. He was later admitted to as well as graduated from a local high school. According to online sources, he graduated from a prestigious college with a bachelor’s degree. At present, the identities of his educational institutions remain unknown.

Jackson Mawhinney Parents

Fans of Too Hot To Handle are curious about Jackson Mawhinney’s parents. It is after their son named them while angrily attacking airline crew. Jackson may be familiar to Netflix watchers from his performance on Too Hot To Handle Season 3. He was eager to breach the rules. This is why he kissed Izzy Fairthorne as soon as he arrived on the show. Jackson, the 29-year-old THTH reality star, is from London. He is well-known for his modelling and influencer work. Yet, his occupation is not the only thing that has drawn attention to him.

He rose to prominence prior to the show’s launch as a result of an incident on a flight. The star of Too Hot To Handle was reportedly fined $4,031 for berating British Airlines employees on an aircraft. When the flight attendants refused to provide him alcohol, he told them to check up who his mother was. Then commanded them to buy him a drink as well. The teenage reality star’s misbehaviour landed him in hot water with the cops. As well as the Too Hot To Handle followers got curious about his powerful parents.

Fans have been eager to discover more about Matthew “Jackson” Mawhinney’s parents. It is since he attempted to use their power and position to achieve his goals.

Jackson Mawhinney Father/Dad

According to his profile, Jackson Mawhinney’s parents are well-known in the United Kingdom. Patricia Scotland is his mother’s name. Richard Mawhinney is his father’s name. His father is a prominent judge. Patricia Scotland is the country’s first female attorney general, a politician, lawyer, and diplomat.

Apart from his parents, the Too Hot To Handle actor has a few more prominent relatives. Jackson’s uncle, his father’s brother, was previously the Conservative Party chairman.

Jackson has posted countless photos of himself with his parents on his official Instagram account. His parents have always pushed him to do well in school. He also found a profession that he would like for the rest of his life.

He is said to have a sibling, although his name and identity have not been revealed. Mawhinney has also not posted any images of himself with his brother.

Jackson Mawhinney Mother/Mum

Jackson Mawhinney’s mother is Patricia Scotland. She holds the title of Baroness, which is highly regarded in the United Kingdom. Jackson’s mother is currently the Commonwealth’s secretary-general. She formerly served as an attorney general for Gordon Brown. Brown was the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom as well as Leader of the Labor Party. It’s no surprise that Jackson frequently refers to her as a prominent political figure in the country.

Jackson Mawhinney has a special relationship with his devoted and ideal mother, Baroness Patricia Scotland.

Jackson Mawhinney Nationality

In terms of ethnicity, he is a mixed race man who practises Christianity. As a result of his birth, he also has British nationality.

Height and Weight

Jackson Mawhinney stands at 6 feet 2 inches. He is roughly 67 kg in weight. He has warm hazel eyes and brown hair. There is no information on his chest waist hip measures, dress size, shoe size, biceps, or other body measurements.


Mawhinney has worked at a number of private enterprises after completing his education. He afterwards opted to pursue a modelling career. He was offered the opportunity to model for some well-known firms after multiple interviews and rejections.

Jackson Mawhinney is a model and influencer. Jackson Mawhinney has reportedly worked for the Hugo Boss and Mulberry brands. On his Instagram profile, where he has over 90,000 followers, he frequently shares modelling images and video clips. The “Too Hot To Handle” actor certainly enjoys men’s fashion and isn’t afraid to show it. He published photographs of himself wearing sunglasses, a white tank top, and pants in one of his 2022 posts. He has also modelled Valentino as well as Chanel apparel and accessories. Jackson shared photographs on the red carpet at The Beauty Awards in 2022.

His career as a public personality is professionally represented by the firm Home Talent Group. Mawhinney was signed by HOME Talent Group, a management and public relations firm located in London, UK, in February 2022. The agency announced the news on Facebook. They aired a “Too Hot To Handle clip” in which the reality TV star revealed some interesting facts about himself.

When Jackson was offered the opportunity to appear on the ‘Too Hot to Handle’ show, his modelling career took off. He competed in the third season like his other competitors. Let me notify you that the show was completed in 2021. Yet it was published on Netflix on January 19, 2022. According to accounts, Jackson Mawhinney joined the show in the sixth episode and stayed until the conclusion. He was unable to take the throne, though. ‘Too Hot to Handle’ Season 03 winners are Beaux Raymond as well as Harry Johnson.

Net Worth of Jackson Mawhinney

Jackson Mawhinney lives an affluent lifestyle in his mansion. Let me tell you that his mother lives in an elegant mansion loaded with antiques. Because of his fantastic lifestyle, many women find him attractive. Several of his admirers imitate his clothing and hairdo.

He also owns a number of high-end, branded automobiles. He’d be able to support himself through a number of occupations, including promotions, modelling, social media, television, and brand commercials. His net worth is between $1 million and $2 million USD (approximate).

Jackson Mawhinney Instagram

He was asked what he does for a living. So the Too Hot To Handle star stated on the show that he used to model. He design clothes as well.

Jackson’s Instagram feed reflects his passion for the fashion and modelling profession. Jackson Mawhinney is on Instagram. His Instagram handle is @jacksonmawhinney. But, there isn’t much information on him. He has over 90k followers and posts images of various types on his profile. It includes trip photos, photos with his parents as well as modelling photos.

He appears to be single at the moment. He frequently publishes photos of himself as well as his many buddies on his Instagram account.

Aside from Instagram, it does not appear he is available on some other social media Platform. Yet he has been growing a seriously huge fan following.

Jackson Mawhinney Too Hot To Handle

The ultimate dating challenge, “Too Hot To Handle,” is here. According to our sources, the Netflix reality program centres on a group of selfish singles. They must avoid all sexual activity in order to create meaningful relationships. The winner receives a big monetary award of $100,000. When and if a couple does not follow the rules, the whole pot gets low. Several “Too Hot To Handle” couples have remained together, although many divorced after the show aired.

Jackson Mawhinney

Jackson Mawhinney is a late addition to Season 3 of Too Hot to Handle. In episode 6, the attractive British guy waltzes into ‘Paradise Island,’ and he has feelings for both Olga and Izzy.

South African hunk Gerrie and London boy Jackson appear as newcomers on Too Hot to Handle. It was much to the amazement of the females. When it comes to reality dating programs, nothing beats a little healthy competition. The newcomers always seem to shake things up a little.

Jackson appeared in episode 6 of the 2022 series, strolling onto the sand, naked and eager to mingle with the single females.

Jackson originates from London and remarked that he’s a “big fan of ladies and they’re a fan of mine”. “If I enjoy something, I don’t see why I shouldn’t go for it,” Jackson said confidently.

Jackson boasted that if a party was boring, just put him in the midst and watch what happens. He said that he got in a lot of problems at school as a result of this, but that having fun and “living in the moment” is what is actually important.

Jackson stated he wanted a female that doesn’t take herself too seriously. He will also not avoid stepping on anyone’s toes. If he wants something, he will go grab it.

Jackson Mawhinney and Izzy Fairthorne

Viewers of “Too Hot To Handle” recognize Jackson Mawhinney and are curious about his relationship with Izzy. He is a Season 3 competitor from the Turks & Caicos Islands. When the London native first appeared on the show in episode 7, he quickly established himself as a rebel. Olga as well as Izzy appeared to be interested in Jackson from the start. Mawhinney broke the rules right away, kissing contender Izzy Fairthorne, according to ScreenRant. Yet, the couple never achieved anything significant, and neither of them won. But it wasn’t all bad news for Mawhinney. “Too Hot To Handle,” as is customary with dating programs, greatly helped him in getting his name out there.

Jackson was a finalist by Episode 10, however he did not go away as the champion. After the program ended, Jackson was still with Izzy. The issue is that Izzy used the term “independence” before leaving, which led some fans to worry whether they would attempt to make it work, especially given they both live in England.

The pair met on the program, but their relationship didn’t work out in real life. According to their social media profiles, the two appear to be living entirely distinct lives right now, implying that they have split up. With a four-hour distance between their homes, it must have been difficult to maintain a long-distance romance. Jackson and Izzy from Too Hot To Handle don’t even follow each other on Instagram, implying that they were never as serious as some Too Hot To Handle fans anticipated them to be.

Relationship, Single, Girlfriend

Jackson Mawhinney is a well-educated and appealing young man. He apparently had a romantic relationship with Tina Stinnes. They shared multiple images between 2018 and 2019.

Let me introduce you to Tina Stinnes, a well-known ‘Love Island’ contestant. Also, the couple has frequently spotted together. They have traveled to various areas to spend their vacation. Following that, the two broke up. However the reason for their separation is unknown. On the ‘Too Hot to Handle’ program, Jackson and Izzy Fairthorne established a romance for the game. They are no longer together, according to rumors, and split up immediately after the show. As a result, Jackson is currently single. He is also focusing on his career.


Jackson Mawhinney was the focus of significant charges after Season 3 of “Too Hot To Handle” concluded. Jackson became involved in a scandal after misbehaving with the cabin crew.

In February 2021, Mawhinney was traveling with “Too Hot To Handle” competitors Harry Johnson and Beaux Greenslade. Jackson and his pals were on their way home after concluding Season 3, Too Hot To Handle. They were all inebriated and without face masks. They were detained upon their arrival at Heathrow Airport.

Jackson Mawhinney Arrest

They were all fined about £3,000 for their rude and abusive behaviour toward the cabin crew, according to the BBC. They also compensated the two cabin crew employees with $2,500 each. Three of them apparently reacted badly when they refused to wear face masks. Moreover, when a stewardess refused to buy him more alcohol, Mawhinney retaliated angrily. Later, the crew told them to sit quietly. But Jackson threatened them. He told them that his mother was a famous politician. He began using nasty language with the cabin crew. “Find out who my mother is,” Mawhinney said. Baroness Scotland is her title. I have a gold card. “Go grab me a drink”. They got areested as soon as the plane landed.

Jackson Mawhinney

They were later found guilty and penalized for their behaviour with the cabin personnel. Mawhinney apologized in writing to the court, calling the occurrence “the most disgraceful and embarrassing thing that has ever occurred to me.” Jackson and his associates avoided any further problems after apologizing for their foolish and immature behavior. His parents were probably not overly proud of him. Nonetheless, having children that act out appears to be a pattern for British elites. While Jackson’s Too Hot To Handle journey did not end in love, the exposure he received certainly helped his influencer career.

Facts about Jackson Mawhinney

  • Firstly, Jackson looks after his skin and uses face masks to keep it nourished.
  • Secondly, he has a cute pet dog at his home. He often goes for a walk with his dog.
  • Thirdly, Mawhinney also wants to be a boxer. A personal trainer taught him boxing.
  • Fourthly, he has tattoos on both his left arm as well as his back..
  • In his leisure time, the well-known television personality enjoys skiing.
  • He loves to eat Shrimp since he is a foodie.
  • He also posted photos of himself working on the BMW engine.
  • Matthew Mawhinney enjoys riding motorcycles, particularly Royal Enfields.
  • On December 11, 2012, he posted his first Instagram photograph.
  • Finally, Jackson Mawhinney enjoyed Christmas as well as other holidays with his family.

F. A.Qs

Who is Jackson Mawhinney?

Jackson Mawhinney is a television personality, reality star, model as well as influencer. He is from London, England, United Kingdom.

Who are Jackson Mawhinney’s parents?

Jackson Mawhinney is the son of Baroness Patricia Scotland and Richard Mawhinney.

Who is Jackson Mawhinney’s Girlfriend?

Jackson Mawhinney is currently single.

What is Jackson Mawhinney Net worth?.

Sakari’s net worth is $2 million USD approx.

Where is Jackson Mawhinney from?

Jackson Mawhinney is from London, England, UK.

How old is Jackson from Too Hot to Handle?

Mawhinney will turn 30 years old in 2023.

Is Jackson’s real name Matthew Mawhinney?

Yes, Jackson Mawhinney’s real name is Matthew Mawhinney.