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Dominique Defoe is an American television personality. In fact, she rose to prominence after showing up on the tv show “Too Hot To Handle” (Season 4). It premiered on Netflix on December 7, 2022. Dominique Defoe was born in Colorado, United States, on November 11, 1999. So, Dominique Defoe will be 23 years old in 2022. Defoe has entered the season 4 cast of “Too Hot To Handle”. Of course, fans are now asking her ethnicity. Also, they are thanking her for displaying foreign traditions while she searches for love in the gorgeous THTH villa.

She is one of a group of single people who wrongly believed they were signing up for an event called Wild Love. However, the show never existed. Instead, Dominique was stunned to learn she’d managed to join “Too Hot To Handle”. She had to try to resist the urge to kiss anyone or go even further. Of course, there was the risk of losing money in the total payout if they broke any rules. Further, fans are now asking the Netflix star about her race and cultural background.

Get to know more about Dominique Defoe, the Too Hot to Handle contestant, including her ethnicity, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok accounts, as well as her career as a software engineer and her bio and college details. Also, learn about Kayla from Too Hot to Handle.

Dominique Defoe Bio/Wiki

“Too Hot To Handle” returns for another season. Also, it is bringing ten new singles who are unaware that they are a part of the latest chapter of the iconic reality show. Dominique Defoe is a 23-year-old student studying computer science from Colorado. In fact, she is one of the Netflix program’s participants.

Dominique Defoe

When she isn’t trying to study, she sees tarot cards for her friends. Also, she fosters herself on social media as a future reality tv star and influencer. The “Too Hot To Handle” entrant is creative and often jots down her ideas onto paper. Dominique’s main Instagram account has 5897 followers. But, she also has an account (@dominiqueselixirs). Here, she posts poetry and haikus. Two of her accounts are bound to grow in fame once the show starts on Netflix.

Her main Instagram account shows that she enjoys moving. And, she has been to London, California, New York, and other places. As per her profile, her friends say she chooses to live in her dreams. And, it is somewhere between a myth and a nightmare. Dominique also has a persona on LTK. In fact, it is a platform for smaller firms to unveil and sell their services and goods.

The season 4 of the popular reality show started with ten contestants. In fact, they thought that they were on a sham show called Wild Love. And, they thought that the show was hosted by television big star Mario Lopez.

Full name Dominique Defoe
Date of birth 11th November, 1999
Age 23
Birthplace Colorado
Marital status Unmarried
Address Los Angeles, California
Nationality American
Education qualification Graduate

Dominique Defoe Early Life

Dominique Defoe is a 23-year-old author, social media star, and TV personality. Also, she was born on November 11, 1999. In 2022, she emerged onto the scene, thanks to ““Too Hot To Handle”.” For those who do not know, it is a dating tv show whose creators have been rolling out new seasons since 2020.

As per the trailer, the creators have tried to push all limits. And, they have included the wildest singles yet. In THTH, 5 single men and 5 single women are allowed to fall in love. But, there is a catch. They are not allowed to take part in any amorous activity.

It’s plausible that you have seen the series or that you’ve come to find out if you ought to. Of course, the second type should watch season 4 of ““Too Hot To Handle”.” It is unique, and the first type should go through the essay to learn some fun details about Defoe.

Dominique Defoe Ethnicity

Dominique confirmed her mixed ethnicity on Instagram Stories. In fact, her parents are Dominican and Filipino. So, she is half Black and half Asian. The 23-year-old is now residing in Colorado.

Her family was “loud,” she said. Her striking look has incited several “Too Hot To Handle” viewers to call her “pretty.” Also, she took to TikTok to post a clip specially “for the culture”.  She said this quoting her fans who have asked how she is so funny.

BAME fans are loving how Dominique is representing their community. One fan commented on her ethnicity reveal video with: “Omg I knew it!! As soon as you walked in, I was like “She’s Filipino!!!

Dominique Defoe Parents

Dominique and her sister Cris Defoe were raised by Dominique’s parents. Her mom is Filipino, and her dad is Dominican. Of course, they both raised the “Too Hot To Handle” star to be an “empowered woman.” And, this is as per her say on TikTok.

Dominique explained in a TikTok video she posted in November 2022. Thus, she quit her job to fixate more on her expertise with “Too Hot To Handle” Season 4. She made clear that keeping her job “logistically didn’t make sense” any longer.

Even during the video, she noted that her “parents are immigrants, but they made it”. And, this is what Dominique went on to say. They’re very successful, and she is very glad about them. But, the star also feels like money has that thing where you need it to be stable. Thus, this was a really big risk that she took.

She also noted that her “extended family would be like, ‘I’d never let my kids do that.’ But, even then they were very supportive. Of course, it is true that appearing on a reality show was not what her parents expected, However,  it did push her “out of the nest.”

Dominique Defoe & Her Boyfriend

Dominique initiated herself as the most alluring nerd anyone has ever met. Also, she is a software engineer who prefers confident men. Nigel defined his ideal girl as him in a hairdo. He admitted that he enjoys being single. And, also that he imagines about sex on a regular basis. “It could be an illness,” he posited.

Nigel piqued the interest of many women. He favoured Kayla Richart but was prepared to play the game behind her back. Also, h e told Dominique he was also interested in her. Dominique told Kayla of this. And she neglected him in favour of Sebastian “Seb” Melrose.

After the big reveal, Dominique began napping in the same bed as Nigel. Of course, that left the potential of a connection between them open.

Nigel put a photo of him posing with a car last week. Here, Dominique used the eyes emoji to comment. And he responded by using the same emoji.

Nigel had earlier avoided citing locations in his Instagram posts. Dominique, on the other hand, had earlier posted pics from Colorado and Hawaii.

For the time being, it appears that Dominique and Nigel are simply friends. However, there is a chance they are linked with the fresh men and women who arise in future episodes.


Dominique Defoe was born in a neighbourhood in Boulder, Colorado On November 11, 1999, . As per critics, the reality show star has a sister named Cris with whom she shares a strong bond. She truly tests all the boxes. For example, that is in terms of skills, character, and attractive appearance. This 23-year-old charm has studied Computer Science at the University of Colorado Boulder.
The talented icon is an ardent fan. Also, she is a gifted ballet dancer, and enjoys playing a role in group activities with her tarot playing cards. Dominique is stuck on her world of fictions when she isn’t coding. Also, she keeps penning down her creative concepts in her wholly distinct Instagram account, Dominiques Elixirs. This genius should not be misled for a nerd. She enjoys having fun with herself and her pals. And she lives her life to its fullest. Checking regions off her bucket list is a desire for our favourite reality TV star.

Dominique Defoe Career

Since the release of ““Too Hot To Handle”,” fans have often talked about it. Because Defoe is a media platform celebrity, we want to tell everyone who knows about him. In fact, she has over 149k followers on TikTok. Here, she is a fad.

Dominique Defoe

Her first lip-syncing video, titled “I want to be reborn as a forest nymph so bad,” received 72.3k views.

The lady chose to continue making videos. And, it was a result of the uproar she received. On Nov 15, she posted a clip that over 1.6 million people viewed globally.

Defoe’s TikTok fans grew in tandem with her video views. Of course, she is now a TikTok star. Dominique made her debut in the entertainment business in 2022 with ““Too Hot To Handle”.” Further, it is one of the most popular dating reality shows of the time. In fact, rumor has it that the creators of THTH saw Defoe on a lip-syncing video site and gave her a part.

Dominique Defoe Software Engineer

“Too Hot To Handle” is back for another season. And, it brought with it ten new singles who are totally unaware that they are taking part in the latest entry of the famous tv show. Also, Dominique Defoe is a 23-year-old student of computer science from Colorado. And, she is one of the finalists set to fight in the Netflix show.

As we already said before, Dominique is a 23-year-old Colorado resident. Further, she is a computer science student at the University of Colorado Boulder. When she’s not trying to study, she reads tarot cards for her pals. And, she promotes herself as an up and coming reality tv star and leader on social media.

The “Too Hot To Handle” entrant has an artistic side and frequently jots down her ideas on paper. Dominique has 5897 followers on her main Instagram account. But she also does have another account (@dominiqueselixirs) on which she shares her lyrics and haikus. Both of her records are likely to rise in popularity once the show hits the screen on Netflix.

Her main Instagram account implies that she enjoys having to travel . And, she has visited London, New York, California, and other locations. Her family agree she lives in her fictions. And, she resides somewhere between a dream and a nightmare, as per her bio. Dominique also has a site on LTK. In fact, it is a website where small businesses can promote and sell their job and goods.

Dominique Defoe “Too Hot To Handle”

The fourth season of the popular reality show will begin with ten contestants. And, they believe they are on a bogus show called Wild Love. And, it is hosted by tv host Mario Lopez. Only after they’ve got to spend the first 24 hours together again and “acquired their targets” will they discover where they are.

“Too Hot To Handle” is all about trying to control lustful urges and temptations. In fact, it is in order to form deep and lasting ties and win the prize.

The prize money is set at $200,000 at the start of the show. And, it is totally up to the cast to decide who gets how much. They’ll end up deducting money from the pot for each rule they fail to follow. Moreover, if they’re not wary, nothing will be left to take home.

What is “Too Hot To Handle”?

Netflix’s ‘“Too Hot To Handle”’ is perhaps the steamiest reality TV present, In fact, this is taking the connection type of reality TV to a brand new level. Do you have what it takes to endure your deepest desires when desire is scratching in your face? Of course, this is clearly what our ‘“Too Hot To Handle”’ contestants from Season 4 want to face. The super-hot singles, on the other hand, have no clue what they’ve gotten themselves into. The cast members are expected to fall in love and reveal their sexual fantasies more intensely. And, it is under the mask of a brand new relationship currently known as ‘Wild Love’. Of course, it is hosted by the well-known Mario Lopez.

However, they are not aware that they must fight their erotic demons and practise complete abstinence. In fact, they have to do this if they do not want to face the ire of a robotic sexual activity cop. The contestants start with $200,000. And, from this a predetermined amount is levied each time they break a law. Season 4 saw the exit of ten new blazing hot singles. Dominique Defoe is one such brainy sheer beauty. Her stunning look and gifted celebrity piqued followers’ intrigue in her personal life. Naturally, many people are curious to find out more about Dominique’s family and career. Also, they are not sure whether or not she has chosen anyone in her life.

Dominique Defoe tiktok

Dominique is trying to pursue her diploma and isn’t looking for work. But, it is aside from hosting the globe on one of many most well-known reality TV shows. However, she is a social media star with a huge 140k TikTok following. She has over 5000 fans on her main Instagram account. And, she has about 200 fans on her artistic account. She aims at promoting products on a small business platform, LTK, as a social media influencer. Also, she  makes use of Amazon Associates’ plan to buy ads on her website.


Is Defoe in a relationship?

Dominique Defoe

Dominique Defoe does not seem to be in a relationship for the time being. But, s he was discovered to be in a relationship with Kru, her high school sweetheart. In fact, he was also her promenade date, with whom she got to share sweet and sensual scenes. However, it is possible that the couple split up after having left school and went their separate ways. Dominique is recently single. Further, she is in a role to get down with hints and tips on the latest to get a grip of the love of her life. And, she is in a much more joyful and exciting method. We need her and hope she uses her way to the best of her ability!

How old is Dominique Defoe?

She was born on 11th November, 1999. Further, she is a resident of Boulder, Colorado. Also, this is where she spent most of her years as a kid. In fact, right now she is 23 years old.

Who is Dominique Defoe’s sister?

Dominique has a sister and her name is Cris Defoe, In fact, she is quite talented as well.

What is Defoe’s height?

The new star from Colorado is turning eyes with her appearance on the show ‘“Too Hot To Handle”’. Also, she has become a favourite and her height is 5 ft 4 inches.

What is Defoe’s net worth?

Defoe’s net worth is something between 400-700k dollars.

Who is Dominique Defoe?

Of course, Defoe is a well-known social media personality. Also, she is an Instagram influencer, model, writer and a TikTok star.

What are Defoe’s hobbies?

Defoe likes staying involved in activities. She likes staying in tune with the ways of the world. And. so she is quite keen on making her life happen in all ways. Thus, she has many hobbies:

  • Fashion,
  • Makeup,
  • Photography,
  • Modeling, and
  • Dancing